by Gus Bernadicou
It isn’t often that such simple tunes can convey such a deep message. The Ramones showed potential, but their talent was often masked behind their concept. The Skuzzies, led by Jerome Alexandre, have everything right, but of course, they aren’t the biggest band in the world.
Starting off with “Hungry as a Hound” the guitars go crazy, and the lush vocals kick into gear. “More Than This” is pure punk magic, “there most be more to life than this,” it is could be too positive to be punk, but by channeling the riffs of Chuck Berry and making you just wanna dance, the song gets pulled off. “Brompton Cocktail” is so sexy you think it is dedicated to you; it builds and builds until it hits the refrain, and then it mellowly brings you back to reality. The Clash-esque “Dissatisfied” enters more genres than the Clash could ever dream of, and is the obvious single from the album. “Shotgun Romance” features chant background vocals, and with a simple refrain is an instantly addicting tune. “Rich Girls” has killer drumming via Nik L’e West and prominent background vocals from Laura Clarke, the band’s bassist. “Heartache Accelerates” lets the listener enter into a dream where there is pouring rain and the poorness of a big city is able to paint a vivid picture of whatever the listener can imagine. The last track, which features Pete Doherty, is one of the best tunes the Libertines didn’t write. Kicking ass the whole time, it’s paranoia paradise.
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