October 2017


The Side Eyes
So Sick
In The Red Records
CD Review By: Jaime Pina

Starting out with “I Hate Dates”, the Side Eyes album opens with pulse and then goes off with a BANG! With a sound that echoes back to the classic era of punk rock while sounding completely like they belong in the now, this is a disc that brings some dignity back to the punk scene and introduces us to a new band with some real chops.

Female led bands have always had it rather tough in the punk scene. When things first started in London, New York and especially in Los Angeles, it was an even playing field with men and women both enjoying spots anywhere in the band. When hardcore took over women were sent to the back of the classroom and slowly had to work their way back up in the ranks as a new generation started coming up ignoring the sexism of the past.

As far as what kind of punk rock this band plays they can rock a hardcore beat without sounding clumsy. They employ heavy parts in a couple of the songs and because they are tight musicians who sound well rehearsed, they pull off the time changes effortlessly. When so many so called new punk rock bands either use the off key sing along routine of the KROQ sound or stumble through the songs while attempting the forbidden beat trying to sound like Earth A.D. but only managing to sound like someone’s drunk uncles playing some polka tunes, it is great to hear a band who know how to inject the correct amount of focus and muscle into their playing to make this kind of music sound lean, mean and most importantly, convincing.

While maybe too abrasive to be pop hits (and I say this meaning I think it’s a good thing) the Side Eyes have some very catchy songs with a top notch singer nailing perfect vocals over the grinding riffs and hard and tight rhythm section. In The Red has released this album on vinyl and in a CD digipak with lyric booklet. If you were bored with the direction punk rock has been going lately this is a band that will put a smile on your face. Are they a cool chick band? No, they are a pretty exceptional rock band.

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