April 2017


The Sex Organs
'Intergalactic Sex Tourists'
CD Review By: James Carlson

From somewhere in the Andromeda galaxy come The Sex Organs—an out-of-this-world trash ‘n’ roll duo whose alien form is that of…well, human-like sexual organs (expect for the eyeball mid-shaft on the penis, the teeth in the vagina, and the excessive hair on both)—with their latest release, titled ‘Intergalactic Sex Tourists.’ The Sex Organs play a combination of primitive rock ‘n’ roll and uninhibited garage punk. Sure, the band concept is an exercise in complete absurdity, and the lyrics are so much sex-centric silliness, but the music is pretty good (pounding drums, dirty electric guitar, and vocals from both Organs), and it the project, admittedly, is actually a fun one overall.

With a band name like The Sex Organs it is not at all surprising that the song names on ‘Intergalactic Sex Tourists’ fit the theme. The song titles include “Foreplay,” “Lubrication,” “Camel Toe Twist,” “I Wanna Be a Pussy,” “Itch,” and “Orgasms.” All of the songs on the album are originals save for “Drowning,” which was originally written and performed by The Gories. Between tracks there are bizarre radio broadcasts about The Sex Organs, focusing mainly on their arrival on Earth and their horny outer space rock ’n’ roll.

Voodoo Rhythm Records did something a little different with this release: the LP comes with a CD, poster, and Sex Organs board game. This is release is also available without the package, just on CD, if that is your preference.

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