The Vital Sound of The Sess
By Billy Druid


Sometimes a band comes around that makes me feel like a kid again. In the way that I experience the same wonderment I felt when I first started to discover the sounds of the underground. When finding The Ramones End of The Century in my stepsister's record collection was the kind of discovery that could change the entire course of my life. To this day, rock and roll remains the most exciting thing I've ever encountered in this world, and I'm excited about The Sess (pronounced Se-sh).


Last Sunday I popped into The Pink Elephant in North Park to catch a matinee show that had caught my interest upon the recommendation of the two people who have turned me onto more awesome music than anyone or anything else in my life. The Sess took the stage and they took me by surprise, bursting straight out of the cacophonous swirl of warm up noise straight into a tight, spectacular, harmonious powerpop blitzkreig that had me grinning and bouncing on my toes. I was frantic with excitement. Discovery!

The San Diego quintet isn't trying to reinvent rock and roll and yet their honest interpretation of it has a freshness that gives their music a unique sound. I kept feeling like I was hearing something familiar, but there was no distinct derivation in it. The music was simply evocative of the feeling one gets when they hear music that's amazing and perfect. Like discovering The Saints's Eternally Yours, Jonathan Fire Eater's Wolf Songs for Lambs, Brian Eno's Here Come the Warm Jets,   Sonic Youth's Daydream Nation, or Thin Lizzy's Jailbreak for the first time. I thought, "This shit is genius."


Or is it?


The music is definitely devoid of pretense. And I don't think The Sess are even caught up in caring if their music is genius or not. I think they're just happy writing honest, catchy rock and roll that feels good to play, because it feels right.

I wonder if this band knows just how good they are, or if they mask this knowledge with a guise of humbleness that makes them that much more appealing. After experiencing their show I was enamored. I wanted to meet them, to make sure they know just how important what they're doing is to people like me who make rock and roll their religion. I must have come across like some starstruck teenage girl, a potential obsessed fan turned stalker. Their set was like a shot of pure adrenaline to me and I was bouncing off the walls.

With a band like The Sess, it's as if they're tapped into some secret something that most bands, sadly, will never realize. They are enlightened. They're in the club.



~Billy Druid

San Diego, 9/15/07


The Sess have recently released a seven inch record on Single Screen Records.

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