"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> THE SAUCERS & THE ALLIES
78-81 East Bay Punks From The Streets Of Berkeley
Rave Up Records
By Ginger Coyote
Side A - The Allies
Disposed Dictator
Chains and Me
Emotional Thrashing
Cold Act
Death Ray Generation

Side B - The Saucers
Twisted Dreams
Piggy's Jukebox
Cloud Of The Year
Disposed Dictator
It was 1980 and Julie Stein had written an article for the January Punk Globe. In the article she mentions new bands she wrote about The Saucers and Romeo Void as two bands to be on the look out for... The Saucers formed in 1978 consisted of Joey Michaels on Lead Guitar, Dave Velasquez - Guitar, Shelly Wolfe on bass and Drummer Jake Smith rounded out this powerhouse quartet... Side B has 6 tunes that best represent the garage sound the band had... My personal favorites are "Twisted Dreams" and "Piggy's Jukebox"... Sometime after Julie's article came out Joey Michaels left the band... The remaining band members along with lead guitarist Craig Magee formed The Allies... Craig had been playing with Dyan Diamond prior to joining up with the band.. Their sound swayed away from the Farfisa sound that had dominated The Saucers to more of a guitar driven punk sound.. Side A consists of The Allies music.. I enjoyed of the tracks Chains and Me and an old Saucers tune Disposed Dictator... . Oddly enough it was Joey Michaels who left the band in 1980 that was responsible for getting this vintage recordings on vinyl.. Special thanks to Terry Hammer and to Rave Up Records in Italy for releasing this LP....