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"The Single"
Review By Lis Booth
The Rummies Stockholm are a 4 piece Band. Marc on Violin, Nick on Guitar & Lead Vocals. Mick on Bass, & Rats on Drums & Vocals. They are a swedish Band with a folk music style, a touch of rock a hint of punk, thrown into ten years of Street Punk history. Here they return with a Brand New Single out on 28th August - listing a 2 track release: Too Old To Die and The Rummies Anthem.. They say The Rummies is more Punk Rock than ever, More Folk than ever and Hungry as Hell! They say They scream and I have to agree! The vocals blend well with the Punk style sound & if you like A "different" style of Punk with a hint of Folk then this is a Must for you. Check the band out at http://www.rummies.se/ & find their CD available at Itunes