@ Woodchucks Toledo Oh Oct 9, 2010
Review and Pictures By Michael Rys
Every weekend end this town is filled with shows where no one mixes things up,every thing sounds the same all night long one band after another. You either really enjoy that particular type of music or you are ready to stab themselves in the neck by the time the third band comes on.Personally I'm the latter I don't like going to see a show where every band sounds like the one who just left the stage. I like it kind of mixed up and different form band to band during a show.The show at Woodchucks in Toledo this past Saturday ( October 9th 2010) was about as mixed as any show I've seen in while. Two Toledo bands The Foreclosed, and Ugly Tribe Revival playing with Detroit's garage glam punks The Ruiners.In my view it worked well.
The Foreclosed a new band based out of Toledo Ohio. They, the Foreclosed that is, say they have been playing together about a month.This was their first show together, or at the least the first with the current line up.I was expecting a 3 piece for some reason and we got five. Alex Clawson ( also with Bathhousebetty) on guitar, Jon Brug on drums, Jim Wardowski guitar, Deanna Kaczaka on bass, and Aaron Cain on vocals brought a very different vibe than I expected. Bad Religion has produced some songs over the years which had a slower tempo but remained heavy and melodic, The Foreclosed had that type of sound and they threw in some interesting changes with in some intricate song structures too. This being their first time playing together it was a darn impressive set. I'm looking forward to watching them about 6 months from now when some of the members have some confidence and develop together to add stage presence to the mix.
Next up were Toledo scene vets Ugly Tribe Revival ( formerly Society's Ugly Son).Now Ive seen this band live on previous occasions so I knew their set would not be disappointing at all. Now I must say to all Punk Globe readers you probably would not typically define this band as "punk" in anyway on the first listen, or maybe even the 200th listen but I think they deserve recognition as an underground band not because of the style of music they play but, because of the honesty, truth and passion with which it delivered, especially within the live context. I heard Ugly Tribe Revival's music described to me by a first time listener as Sound Garden crossed with Blackfoot and I couldn't think of a better way to say it( thanks Justin).Jason Copsey ( Guitar) Dirt Sayers ( guitar), Justin Fuller (bass),James Graham( drums) and Michael Fisher on vocals may sound "accessible" to the average listener and that's fine but believe me the songs and especially lyrics in their years worth of material goes way beyond the average radio fare. Their live set was nothing short of straight up blistering throwing songs from old records out there to ones from their latest CD Up On English Hill.Michael Fisher is especially entertaining front man to watch. He's got this Joe Cocker like stage show delivery that's just unique in a heavy rock setting.You must see this band live if given the chance to truly appreciate what I'm trying to get across.
The nights headliners from Detroit was The Ruiners.Now this band has been around about 13 years and churned out some great tunes on previous releases but their latest CD Happy Birthday Bitch ( Pravda records) beats anything the band has done by a country mile. I'm not the only one who feels like that either,reviews from across the globe have been nothing short of golden. The CD does a great job at capturing the bands live sound and energy. So why catch em live if you can get it form the CD? Well ... I 'll tell you. Rick Ruiner( vocals) Nina Friday( shimmy shaken,& vocals),Rob Ruiner (drums),Liz Ruiner( bass),and Justin Ruiner ( Guitar & vox) put on a stage show that is nuclear its its exposure,radiation its its catchiness, and downright fallout when it comes to dirty ass rock n roll. Cranking out tunes like Less Lip, More Tongue,Time To Get Beer,and Eatin' Me. Alive all while keeping the booze flowing and the madness entertaining. This band is not merely a backing band for Rick Ruiner though ,although he is the instigator,the prowler, and a ringmaster they lay down the garage glam punk thick and gooey like a melted Carmel. So loose on stage its what make The Ruiners tight. How loose? Well, drummer Rob left his drum throne more than once to announce or otherwise fuck with various band members and somehow still was drumming. Rick Ruiner the bands frontman is a man who's antics while performing will eventually go down in Detroit music history as the stuff of lore, while he now saves lighting himself on fire for special occasions his performance is like a visual rock n roll history lesson channeling the spirits of Rob Tyner, Elvis Presley and James Brown. You get flips, spins,karate kicks,splits the whole thing with a Ruiners show.This particular show ended with an encore demanded by the audience,which was rewarded with "Hey Cop" and half the bar, band, and audience being toilet papered by the team it was all said and done. The Ruiner's didn't ruin a damn thing hell that show made my week.
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