By: Timm Carney
Moving is a big pain in the ass. It is never fun. My partner I and I live in LA and found a new place to live in the hills. Naturally we needed to get all our stuff up there. We are both too old and too lazy so hiring movers was our only option. My job was to find the movers. I hit the internet and my first site was Yelp. I entered “movers” into their search engine and opted for the highest rating first. Up pops “Real Rock ’n’ Roll Movers”. They had a rating of what looks to be 4 and ¾ stars. I checked out the reviews which are 98% 5 star reviews with a couple of 1 star whiners thrown in. I checked out their website ( and decided that they seemed worth the shot.
The company has an online check list that is really thorough; this is how you get your estimate. It took me a while to go through it but I was able to fill it out and submit it. So far so good; I swear it was in the next instant we got an email from a guy named Sean who was confirming our request and gave us a number to call.
The company is just what its name purports they are, Rock ‘n’ Rollers who move furniture between gigs. Who better to move your stuff than rocker dudes? I mean they move equipment all the time and have to do it fast. We exchanged emails and a couple of phone calls and it was decided what size truck we needed and how many rockers it would take. Everything was falling into place. The day of our move came and Ta Da they were there and on time. We lived on the top floor of a big old 1920’s building at the end of a really long hallway that turned before you got to an equally old elevator. Then there was a ridiculously large lobby and cobblestone courtyard with a sputtering fountain to contend with and oh yeah we own an insane amount of shit. These guys had their work cut out for them. We were scheduled to have 4 rocker dudes but at the last minute one of them had an angry girlfriend incident and couldn’t make it. So there they were 3 dudes dressed in black with their Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers’ truck ready to go. The three guys that came to move us were Justin Newhart, Roman Kovalik and Josh Robinson and were all dudes total rocker dudes. Not only did they have the long halls and distances to the truck to contend with they had our freaky ass cat that got loose and basically annoyed anyone and everyone. They did all this while happily carrying out huge pieces of furniture. I was very impressed.
We got to our new place which is on the top of a seriously huge hill and they unloaded our chattel in a flash. I was so psyched I whipped out a bottle of champagne and we toasted to our new place. The guys were great and we couldn’t have been happier with our rocker dudes!
The concept of Real Rock ‘n’ Roll Movers is genus. Why they aren’t in every city is beyond me. Who is better than rock dudes and roadies at moving heavy awkward stuff and doing it fast without damaging the stuff? Music is not one of the higher paying professions in the world and a dude’s gotta eat and pay his rent right? My advice to anyone in the LA area looking for a moving company, get these guys! Check out their website and you can like them on Facebook too.