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A Review of The Razorbax @ The Rugeley Rose Pub. UK
Written By Andrew Bond
.... but then came the ‘Master Class’ a group from Wolverhampton an unassuming bunch of lads that seem, not to know how good they actually are, their sound check was a sort of shrug of the shoulders ‘that’ll do affair’ with a bit of larking about and a ‘can you just give me a bit more vocal in here’ sort of thing.... But then after the singer said over the mike ‘I’m just gonna take a piss... get a drink.... and then we’ll play’ .....Rock and Roll !
The Razorbax are Leigh Bucknall, Jack Perry, Louis Bowen, and James Kitchen and could just turn out to be the most revolutionary and important band in the last 30 years..... ‘Well you never know’ every song they sing possesses the signature sound associated with the powerful Icons of the late 70s early 80s and the modern day.
A blend of old and new that mix, lyrics that are as deep and complex as Joe Strummer's, with vocals that are spat... (sorry Leigh.. but I mean spat in a good way) at you in the same way that such bands as the Stiff little Fingers and The Clash did 'back in their heyday, but taking their genre, and reinventing punk for a younger generation in a Green Day/Offspring sort of way but better.
The drums fiercely kept beat... (Travis Barker would consider retiring if he saw this show.)The guitars roared with overbearing power, over all of it, the extremely catchy lyrics of Leigh Bucknall, It all makes the sound of a band with so much passion and resentment, that they are no doubt destined to be some of the most recognizable Faces/sounds in punk music.
The songs are all hard-driving and catchy, "Wake Up Wake Up". It begins fast and ends fast, with the whole band roaring. ‘I’ve got a hand full of bad Ideas and a pocket of hope, and a mouthful of burning words that come... straight from the f***in heart’.....poetry..... Other tracks of their forthcoming album were sung loud, proud and with perfect timing..... Something to Believe In...Stupid Boy....Waste Of Time....Liked You Better....amongst others.....and Picture On My Wall , which Leigh had written for his mum ( yep punks love their mums too) Leigh also sung without the band as the drummer left the stage mid gig to get a drink...’Punk man’... you gotta love it.... and there even as a tip of the hat to the Clash with a rendition of a verse of ‘bankrobber ‘ that would have made Joe Strummer smile as it came from nowhere in the middle of one of their tracks almost in a ‘sound check’ sort of way the CD we we’re informed is out on February Leigh commented ‘You should buy it we don’t want your money...We want you EARS’ and it was believable,
Get to see this band before they become famous, so you can say the words ‘I saw them before they made it’ they’re going places undoubtedly talented, at ease as any top stadium band when they are on stage and even when playing to a smaller crowd they rocked it like it was Wembley in front of 90,000 and one day I think it could well be...