"hypocrite land"
Logan Ave Records
By: Ginger Coyote

The Psycho Kid

1. the psycho kid
2. hypocrite land
3. kookolobongolo
4. victim
5. do you want me to
6. the apples
7. load
8. perfect world
9. step up
10. extra life
11. want it back
12. punkier than thou
13. alive
This is the debut CD for this Chicago based band and they are doing Illinois, President Obama and Rob Blagojevich the former Governor of Illinois proud.. Guess what they did not have to pay him much for his endorsement. They play pretty tight well constructed power pop tunes with ease and seem like they are having alot of fun doing it. Check out tracks 1, 7, 8,10 and 12... Please also check them out at My Space to get a better taste of their music. You will not be disappointed. http://www.myspace.com/thepsychokidband
Then buy all their merch at their website