by Pat Crowe

I decided at the last minute last night after cutting the lawn in 80 degrees to go see the police show. The first one. It was bad. I got a 240 dollar scalped ticket out front for 100. A good  seat and a good price for the first of two nights in g m place. People from everywhere and shitloads of press. Good merch table. Good staging and pa/lights. Shiiitty band up first...Sting's kids band. The police had good energy for the first two songs, Message in a bottle and Synchronicity 2, songs i never liked, anyway, the momentum just died after the second song. It was sad to see all the people sitting down trying to enjoy their hard earned dollars with this tripe. I walked out before the last encore and went for some delicious slice of pizza and italian coffee.

What a rip off! Sting looks biafran, but sounds the same and Andy was muffing lots of notes. Stuart was the only bright spot. But he is so advanced tech wise beyond that crap now, he looked bored trying to look into it if you know what i mean. All reworked, downed out versions of the hits. Kind of a pop, dirge, jazz weird thing. That music is not classic and seems stuck in that era...with Safety dance. It suuucked!



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