"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> The Other
New Blood
( SPV/Steamhammer)
By: Michael Rys
OK full disclosure here. Horror rock/horror punk is not my favorite genre.Not even close. The Misfits were not even in my top 50 punk bands of all time( Bobby Steele's The Undead however is).The only other horror rock band I remotely like is Blitzkid and that's just because I talked with the guys a few times back when I lived nearby their hometown of Bluefield West Virginia. The Others 4th release New Blood is highly thought of by folks into this stuff. It does nothing for me, over production took whatever rawness may have been in the songs when they were first written. A few songs border line remind me of an industrial band from out west in the mid 90's called Seraphim Shock but their vocalist had much more range and the songs had balls.Maybe this band is different live but the only song I thought was worth a download is Hier Kommt Die Dunkelheit. Maybe that's because the German language makes every phrase sound more guttural and brutal to my ear. Bottem line is if you dig horror rock you'll probably go ape shit for this. Not me. To me it sound like Boston meets a Glenn Danzig impersonator