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The Oswald Effect
(Independent Release)

By Ginger Coyote
love and sabotage cover


                        1.  Lie To The People
                        2.  The Names Seem To Stick
                        3.  A Threat Of Something Good
                        4.  Steal The Stars
                        5.  This Is Blood
                        6.  The Most Beautiful Spacesuit
                        7.  Roxy Fly
                        8.  The Nothing
                        9.  KGB
                        10. Elephants
                        11. Simple Salvation

The Oswald Effect are four guys with something to say and the talent to back it up..  They also have a good sense of humor and wild abandonment that is nice to hear....At times the band sound a bit like The Cult and at other times a bit like Queens Of The Stoneage. Definitely College Radio friendly music...That may explain why they are getting airplay on Seattle's KNDD 107.7, KEXP in Seattle and 101.1 KUFO in Portland Oregon. . . .They have toured with The Foo Fighters and The Mess Hall from Australia....I am not bowled over by the CD but did enjoy it.

Recommended tracks are "Lie To The People" and "This Is Blood". Check em out !!