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theo kogan was the singer of the legendary NYC punk band the LUNACHICKS. After 6 albums the band splitted on good terms and now THEO has her new band with new powerful music “bolstered with flavours of new wave, metal and catchy pop” ( She also has a modelling and an acting carreer which has seen her starring in movies like INTHECUT by Jane Champion and BRINGINGOUTTHEDEAD by Martin Scorsese. Theo and the Skyscrapers are now playing gigs in USA and recording an album due soon. She is definitely one of the most interesting woman in rock nowadays, I interviewed her for Punk Globe and since then can’t stop playing “broken girl”, catch it on her web or at: **THEO AT MYSPACE** ooooo

Punk Globe:  After the Lunachicks you started your own band and also started an acting career. Do you feel grown up? Is your new stuff more personal?

i was acting before Lunachicks stopped playing, actually. I feel grown up sometimes and then really not at all other times.  yeah, but really all of it has always been personal it's just not as silly/funny now…

Punk Globe:   What are your inspirations?

so many things...people, friends, pain, joy, the future, the past art, animals...

Punk Globe:   Any role models?

Randi Rhodes(Air America Radio) Debbie Harry, Siouxie Sioux, David Bowie, RobHalford

Punk Globe: Do you think of yourself as a role models for young girls?

When they tell me so i do. it's a great feeling, i am honored. i don't think of myself that way all the time at all.

Punk Globe:  Do you think that your band can have a mainstream following or it's more a cult thing?

whatever works... i am ready for anything. how 'bout a mainstream cult following?

Punk Globe:  In MTV times is there any space for indie labels?

it seems so, especially since indies are getting bigger and bigger. but who knows...

Punk Globe: Even if you are a known name, is it hard to find a publicing label for new bands?

yes for sure...unless you are already selling a zillion records

Punk Globe:  What is the energy behind Theo's live gig?

HIGH ENERGY!!!! adrenalin.

Punk Globe:   Which artist would you like to play with?

The Faint

Punk Globe:  Many people from the 90s (Bikini Kill, etc.) turned to electronic? Will this happen to you or you are 100% of a rock n roller?

At first i starting a new band was too big and painful an idea, So, i did performances with a video projection and a DAT and two amazing dancers...very futuristic -in2001. when i was ready to have a band again, it happened and here we are.

Punk Globe:  What are you listening these days?


Punk Globe:  In the future we'll see more Theo on the screen?

Hell yeah!

Punk Globe:  Is there any director you would like to work with?

i'd love to work with Scorcese again...Michelle Gondry, too.

Punk Globe:  What do you think of Juliette Lewis, she made the contrary of you, from actress to singer.

i think she's a talented actor. i haven't seen her play yet .i want to. the scientology thing freaks me out a bit though.

Punk Globe:  Have you listened to her cd?

not yet...

Punk Globe:  Anything you want to say to our Punk Globe readers?

take chances and have no regrets! don't try to fit into anyone's mold.
thank you


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