By Jackie Sharp


"32 years later!..." called out the MC. Regardless of the passage of time, the Mutants, a band of 7 with 3 singers who live scattered across the US, rocked the de Young museum. Mutants shows are legendary. The staging this time out was a black & white op art theme, homage to the man hisself, Andy Warhol. It was after all, the closing of the “Warhol Live” exhibit at the de Young museum. Fritz looked like a bandleader from “The Shining” sporting a crisp, white dinner jacket and black bow tie. Sue was in full throttle op art fashion wearing a white wig that was either pure Marie Antoinette or pure Dolly Parton depending on your leanings. Oh yes, and Rayban Wayfarers. Sally appeared as a 70's film star with floppy white fedora, boa and of course, a pair of huge white sunglasses. Brendan was in white formal wear while Dave, John and Paul were working the "Friday casual" thing in basic white and/or black. A huge wall of white dots on a black field soared behind them as brilliant colors undulated and passed across the remaining space.
The crowd was utterly enthusiastic as with all Mutants shows. They apparently got the “black and white” memo because they wore lots ofblack and some day-glo to boot. Lots of mobile phone recorders and pix taking. A very paparazzi like atmosphere, perfect for the closing (or opening) of a Warhol show. What could be more appropriate? Vale and Marion were there. Someone saw Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. Lots of old friends like Ruby Ray, Melinda, Mindaugus, Meri St. Mary, Denise Demise were there. Everyone was having a great time with the show, singing, dancing and laughing. That's a Mutant's show for you, all fun!
The Mutants always excel in their own brand of chaos. So the fact that Sally had just flown in and Fritz had driven half way across the US only made it all better. Rehearsals? There may have been one. Two? Maybe, maybe not. No worries, mate. Tune after tune of classic Mutant pop was what they gave and what the audience wanted. From "Twisted Thing" to "Insect Lounge" to "New Dark Ages" they gyrated and harmonized their way through the evening. The music was great. The visuals were great. Old school fans and freshly minted newbies found enough space to dance away the set. I don't recall anyone throwing anything. That would be way too old school for a museum show nowdays. But there was enough energy to put a buzz on everyone for the rest of the night and probably the next day. The Mutants did Andy a good one.