The Mountain Goats, Wckr Spgt, Besatree & K Serious @ Chapman University, Orange, CA November 12th
Review By Libby Freeman
I feel real bad for anyone local who happened to miss this show. I'll admit my prejudice outright: I happen to be very partial to watching two of my best comrades share stage/venue space with two of their favorite musicians/bands. That said, it would be nothing short of painful if they weren't such great MCs/poets (music and show dates can be checked right here: Besatree and K Serious opened sharing a set with Wckr Spgt lending their talents and instruments to: "Be A Cop (Furniture Huschle Song)," "Something," "The Privilege," "Got fees," "Driven Mad," and their new single "Motion Sensor." They were phenomenal and I loved watching the kids love all over them.

Wckr Spgt ( then launched into their own set: "Flinch Mob," "I'm Dressing Myself," "Fluffy Cat," "Sorrow Cup," "Eight Track Tapes and Pick Up Sticks," "Difficult Choices (Like Self-Immolation)," "Marriage at 30,00 feet," "Francis Mitterrand ( With John Darnielle)," "Porch Pet (With John Darnielle)." Spastic and brilliant. The overlap was wonderful, making comradery a sort of sub theme of the evening. This sub theme I've invented was easy to convince myself of, particularly when my friend Joe Smith got a standing ovation for one of his leaping entrances.

The Mountain Goats ( were lovely. John Darnielle is lovely. And I just loved watching the kids rush the stage to sing along with "Best Ever Death Metal Band Out of Denton," "You Were Cool," and "This Year," with little fists pumping in slow motion.

I had a chance to catch up with Besatree and K Serious after the show to get a response to all the floating epicness. Here's what they had to say: "Performing with Wckr Spgt and opening for The Mountain Goats was easily one of the greatest experiences we have ever had the privilege of being a part of. We grew up listening to both of these bands and continue to be inspired by their craft; needless to say it was nothing short of a dream come true."