“Doomed from the Get Go”
by Pamela Torres

The Midnight Creeps

Here's a little something special for all you nose-piercing freakazoids hanging out in public bathrooms and the garbage-laden alleyways. Hailing all the way from the state of Rhode Island, The Midnight Creeps consists of Stimbot and Maggio on garage guitars, Jami on bass, Jeff Creep on drums and Jenny Hurricane on the microphone. The group's nasty 2002 debut disc "Doomed from the Get Go," which came out through Rodent Popsicle Records, is a must-have for all fist-in-the-air tattooed beer gulpers because it hits the nail on the head on what riot grrl punk rock deserves to be: loud, fast and as dirty and crusty as a used Maxi Pad! Borrowing heavily the nostalgic three-chord cigarette sound from CBGB's old school Ramones-and-Sex Pistols era, the band’s eleven trash-and-toilet anthems proudly lift a middle finger against America's squeaky clean and politically correct status quo. Right on the forefront are Jenny's throat-shredding, sex kitty vocals, which in my opinion evoke the spirit of the late Janis Joplin. I, of course, loved the album all the way through, and "Doomed" is a CD I recommend to anyone fed up with the manufactured one-hit bimbo wonders who only get noticed by their looks and not their talent.


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