Are an Epic 'Punk Rock' band from Washington DC / NYC
By: Lis Booth
With band members Ted Watts on Vox / Bass & Guitar, Ben Azzara on Drums, & Blaine Misner Guitar & Producer.

They have just released a Brand New Album 'The Human Resourceful' released on the 31 October 2010

They sent me their new tunes. I was asked to review it.. and the whole album is as epic as! It is crisp - rocking and Awesome as..Fuck!!

What more is there to say? 9 great Tracks full of mashing Tunes! Totally my taste and the nation needs to have a listen!!

With Band & Sound influences of Mission of Burma, The Who, The Kinks, Devo, The Stooges, David Bowie, Dinosaur Jr.

They have created a great blend of sounds.

The Track Listing is as follows:
1. The Human Resourceful
2. Crisis
3. The Sun
4. We Are Going Out To Nice
5. Pain
6. Candy Dish
7. Nervous Alligator
8. Birth
9. No More Looking Back

The Band is New, The Album is New, But the Band Members all originate from other bands to create some beautiful music together!!

check out their website and have a listen to their tunes at :

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Then head off to or to purchase the download!!

- Take my word for it - It Kicks Ass & you don't wanna miss it!!

All Photo's By:Simon McCoutie