By; Ginger Coyote
I got a chance to ask Ted Watts a few questions about his new band Love Load. I hope you all enjoy.
Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview. Can you tell the readers how long The Love Load has been around and who plays what in the band?
T.W.: Hi Ginger! I got the idea for the project on the first day of spring 2010. This is a classic case of the bass player makes a solo record. I had been feeling marginalized in other bands I had played with and musically frustrated. I had a few bucks stashed away, and knew that I wanted a rock record. I knew that if I could get Ben Azzara on board then I could make it fly. If not, then Plan B. The original plan was to have Ben play drums, and I would handle bass, guitar, and vocals and possibly pick up another guitarist. However, the hour and change I spent, plus the price of a cheap lunch with engineer and co-producer, Blaine Misner, turned out to be the best money and time I ever spent. Blaine was amazing to work with and did substantial guitar work and some percussion. So, in short, Ben Azzara – Drums, Blaine Misner – guitar and percussion, and I did guitar, bass, and vocals.
Punk Globe: Did you all play with other bands prior to The Love Load?
T.W.: Oh God yes! Tons!
Punk Globe: In Lis Booth's review of the band she mentions that you are from New York and Washington DC . Who lives where?
T.W.: Blaine and I are in D.C., and Ben moved from D.C. to Brooklyn in early 2010.
Punk Globe: How did you come up with the bands name? It does have some sexual innuendos?
T.W.: Why yes it does. This is the truth, and it is for adults only. MINORS SHOULD LOG OFF IMMEDIATELY. FURTHER READING OF THE FOLLOWING FILTH COULD CAUSE IRREPARABLE DAMAGE! My girlfriend and I made love on the family room sofa. Spent, I momentarily relaxed with my dead weight on top of her. My stoned on endorphins bliss was interrupted when she said she needed to get up to go to the bathroom. Not thinking it through, I made some remark that she had just peed twenty minutes ago and that her bladder must be getting as bad as mine. She said, “No, I don’t have to pee. I just have to get the love load out of me”. Giggling ensued, and I thought that might be a decent name for a rock band specifically with a self-consciously delicious 70’s sound and album cover.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us about your drummer Ben's association with Dischord Records?
T.W.: I’ll do my best. As I understand it Dischord does mostly distribution these days. It has always functioned more as a co-op than a traditional label. I could be wrong, and I probably am. In any case, Ben played on a bunch of records that carry the Dischord label. A couple of the artists include The Capital City Dusters and The Sarah Azzara Band. I know he played with Joe Lally, because I was present at a Ft. Reno show where he did. Henry Rollins was there along with Ian and other members of Fugazzi. However, I don’t know if Lally recorded with Ben or not. As I say this, I realize that it sounds like a bunch of bullshit name dropping which is something I really hate about DC. But Hell Ginger! You are from LA, so at the risk of being presumptuous you probably know what that action is about. So for the record, I really don’t know. I am a huge fan of some of the music that Dischord has produced, but I am not a part of that world. I also do not personally know any of the above mentioned rock icons, but I am pretty sure Ben does. From my point of view the Dischord thing has always felt more like an exclusive and didactic clique than an inclusive and open minded advocate of local talent. I am sure that I am jealous to a degree. Ben’s music resume is really worthy of its own article. The Love Load – The Human Resourceful is, I think, Ben’s twenty fourth album. Relatively recently, much of the Dischord catalogue was digitally re-mastered. I hired T.J. Lipple, who worked extensively on the Dischord project for The Love Load album. I vouch for T.J. as a mastering engineer and as a decent soul, and hope to use his services again. Props and respect to Dischord for what they built and did. The Rites of Spring album “Spring” still ranks as probably my favorite hardcore record of all time!
Punk Globe: Who writes the material for the band? Is it a group effort?
T.W.: I do. However, the record ends with a Kinks cover. But in the case of my most recent song, Blaine helped me to the extent that he deserves co-writing credit which he will get. – I hope on the 2nd Love Load record.
Punk Globe: Who are some of the bands influences?
T.W.: The Clash, David Bowie, The Who, The Stooges, The Velvet Underground, Mission of Burma, early Dinosaur jr., The Buzzcocks, Joy Division, The Sex Pistols, Bob Dylan, X, and tons more!
Punk Globe: This is the bands debut CD right? How has the reception been?
T.W.: Yes. Not too bad for a DIY release in a flooded market. Of the four reviews I have seen. Three have been very positive and the other was condescending yet quite funny. There has also been a decent response from internet and non-commercial radio.
Punk Globe: Is your new CD a self release or is it through a Label?
T.W.: A self release
Punk Globe: In your press I have read thins about "non debutant". Can you better explain?
T.W.: Sure. That came from our press release written by Nicole Frost. It stated, “The Love Load – The Human Resourceful (Debut Album by Non-debutants) I think it just means that all parties involved are experienced musicians. In my case, I think it underscores my unfortunate but very real class resentment. And as an aside, I saw Blondie this summer while we were working on the record. And though I very much enjoyed the concert, I was disappointed that they didn’t play “Dreaming” and “Union City Blue”. Blondie fans will get the reference.
Punk Globe: Has the band toured yet?
T.W.: No
Punk Globe: Can you tell us about your best show so far? How about your worst show?
T.W.: The Love Load has yet to play a live show.
Punk Globe: If you had the power to put any show together. Who would you have on the bill and at what venue?
T.W.: Wow, that is a tough question! To be a rock promoter, or to just be me? I would choose the latter since the signed larger acts have a monopoly on those gigs anyway. Friends, and people who have been kind to me would be on the bill. Some artists that have never had a chance would be invited. It would be my chance to play Santa. It would be a long list of acts with relatively short sets probably at the 930 club because of the great PA, someplace cool in NYC? – a festival concert at the Del Mar Racetrack in the summer would be beautiful! And that way I could drive up to Encinitas and drop off a couple CD's at Lou’s Records.
Punk Globe: Can you give the readers some Website Addresses so they can find more information about the band?
I hope to get a myspace page up over the holidays, but I make no promises because I am a bit of a computer moron.
Punk Globe: What is in store for The Love Load in 2011?
T.W.: I hope some kick ass live shows, and more recording!
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
T.W.: This record is really designed to be listened to in its entirety in one sitting. It is really a concept album. I know that sounds pretentious, but so it goes. I hope it is enjoyed by some of you! To all the other Nervous Alligators out there who would be dead without rock, for God’s sake make your record! Thank you Lis and Ginger for treating us so well!
Punk Globe would like to thank Ted for the fun interview....

All photos by Simone McCourtie