May 2017


The Loose Lips
Article By: Jimi LaLumia

The death of rock and roll's great grandfather, Chuck Berry, had me ruminating on the current state of rock itself, especially bands with a punk lean; there are bands worldwide at this moment writing , playing and recording and so many of them are great, but I just couldn't find the one that made me feel like 1977 made me feel: it could best be summarized by the album "L.AMF."by Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers; in the midst of the UK punk explosion, it was that album that I couldn't help acting out to and playing over and over again, and "L.A.M.F." stayed with me through the decades. Was it too much to ask that something like that might come along again someday?

Jay Bennz, the bass player for The Loose Lips, shared the video for the band's single, "Heels" and I was bowled over by the song, the video, the energy , the performance, it was all very transformational, very 1977, and I did something I normally don't do; instead of requesting a copy of the 6 song CD for review, I went to 'bandcamp' and bought a copy, and got hooked. It stands as a complete listen, start to finish, I have found my new "L.MAF. fix, and it will be astounding to me if, a year from now, everyone isn't listening to this, and rushing off to see this astounding new band. The CD is titled "Get Loose" and everyone definitely should! Get a copy before Jane Fonda does..

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