July 2017


From The Pages of
"The Last Gentleman Smuggler":
A Book By Steven M. Kalish and Nikki Palomino


ALL IT TOOK WAS cojones, a Halliburton briefcase of 300.000 dollars as a gift to Manuel Noreiga, the spell Frank Brown cast on women the dictator couldn't attract, to start a series of US History events ending in the take-down of Panama. When I asked Steven if he thought Noriega might have turned him in, his answer was emphatically NO.

"The Last Gentleman Smuggler" by Steven M. Kalish & Nikki Palomino is a non-fiction untold crime epic about the largest marijuana smuggler in U.S. history who could have spent nearly a lifetime in prison for an innocuous plant now on the verge of legalization in all states. Steven Kalish aka Frank Brown was key in bringing down what would become the biggest bank fraud scandal in history, the Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI), the Colombian Cartel, Panama’s General Manuel Noriega and the money-laundering scheme he personally created. At its heart, Kalish’s kingpin tale of agony and ecstasy and unseen costs born from fulfilling a surreptitious destiny bought him everything except the priceless items he chose to forsake, freedom, a family and true love.

This fifteen year-old dropout rogue American white boy stood apart from other smugglers during the seventies and eighties. Even as a federal fugitive, Kalish’s charm, brilliance, and diplomacy allowed entry into the Reagan/Bush corruption, Oliver North’s Iran Contra affair, and into the confidence of the Colombian Medellin cartel. As the U.S. government’s Star Witness against his one-time friend, General Noriega, who no longer had value to the U.S., Kalish’s testimony became justification to invade Panama. Always true to his motto, no guns; no violence, earned him the title, The Last Gentleman Smuggler, by U.S Attorneys and the DEA. Kalish attempted to import into the U.S. over three-million pounds of pot at a net worth of two-billion dollars. What started as two friends smuggling a sixty-buck pound of pot across the Rio Grande River from Mexico ended fifteen years later with the absurdity of America’s War on Drugs. Kalish ultimately served eight and a-half years in prison and forfeited millions of dollars. When released, he declined the Witness Protection Program and went on to pioneer a legitimate billion-dollar technology company. He managed to survive the deadly world of International drug trafficking, thwart an assassination plot on Noriega and shake the U.S. government’s hold on their Panamanian pawn. In the midst of tragedy, he reunited with freedom, a family and true love.

Manuel Noriega dead at 83.

THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LARGEST DRUG SMUGGLING RING EVER DISCOVERED IN THE UNITED STATES...... COMING 2017-2018 the non-fiction crime epic about one of the most compelling stories in the twentieth century "The Last Gentleman Smuggler" by former Texans Steven M. Kalish, a fifteen-year-old hippie drop-out becoming one of the largest pot smugglers and money-laundering masters in US history, and Nikki Palomino, award-winning author/filmmaker DAZED Novel Trilogy, rock journalist, former grunge rock musician/radio personality. The book/film/TV series "The Last Gentleman Smuggler" will be a thrill-ride about the only rogue American white boy to ever rise as high in a tribe not his own. Confirmed by US Navy special ops Sonny Bradford in classified information while working to spot Pablo Escobar's shipments of cocaine into US until 2001 when deployed to chase terrorists in Middle East. Unforgettable!!!!!!

July 1984

“I have been involved in marijuana smuggling for most of my adult life....I am Steven Michael Kalish, convicted narcotics smuggler.”


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