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A fresh new sign by Abblet Music from The UK...
By: Lisa Booth
The Kayas are a four piece Indie/Rock band,
Ad Edwards - Guitar, Vocals
Tomos Jarvis - Drums
Philie Jones - Bass
Duane Williams - Guitar
They are one of the UK's Top live acts to be breaking out of the Midlands this year, having hit the music scene with a storm, featuring with an Interview on BBC's Introducing Shropshire, & most recently played a set on The Main stage at "OZFEST MUSIC FESTIVAL" on SUNDAY 29TH MAY

The band was formed by singer-songwriter Adam Edwards and drummer Tomos Jarvis in 2007, who were then joined by bassist Philie Jones and guitarist Duane Williams in 2010. They're a Fresh great sounding band, with the Influences of The Sex Pistols, Oasis. running through their rhythm!

In January 2011 The Kayas signed a Management and Recording Contract with "Abblet Music Ltd," which They are now ready to release their New Debut single : 'I Have Been Waiting' due out on Monday 6th June 2011

The Single, 'I Have Been Waiting' was originally going to be the b-side to a fast and pacey track 'Brit Pop', but after hearing the track back for the first time, The Kayas and Abblet Music decided that it was the right decision to release " I Have Been Waiting"as the debut single instead.

Go check them out at :http://www.thekayasmusic.com
Catch a Video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbTC8si35
Add Them at facebook: https://www.facebook.com/the.kayas.official
Listen to their interview & Music at http://soundcloud.com/the-kayas