8/7/11 @ Woodchucks Toledo Ohio
Review and Photo's By Michael Rys
Sunday night show??? Man that could be hit or miss in any town let alone Toledo.One might think it would be the bands ,the bartenders and maybe a cricket or two to see the show.Might have been the all ages, the promised early set times,or maybe people just wanted to give the weekend one last hurrah but a decent crowd did show up and for the most part stayed for the entire show. Betcha they were glad they did too.

The first band up is from Toledo, a 6 piece ska band called Texas Pete & The Revolutions. Now I went through a ska phase were it was all I listened for a couple of years but as always I return to guitar driven punk and rock so these days I find I have to be in the mood for ska and its usually in small doses. If I had Texas Pete CD that might be way more often. While the Revolutions set seemed to start off slow a couple of songs in there were firing all guns and turned up the energy level 6 fold. Even had a few up in front moving and dancing. By the time the end of their 45 minuet set came I was disappointed to see em pack it up. Great live band once they get going, full of humor and good vibes too.
Next up was Bowling Green/Toledo moshers Bathhousebetty. No build up, no flash, no bullshit. From the first note it was go time. This 4 man outfit takes a groove lights it on fire, adds the fuel with tribal rhythms and stone cold guitar licks, add a fiery vocalist who sings about how it is in their world and you have a band to be reckoned with. Bathousebetty is one of those rare bands that crossover into different musical territories real well and best of all they are not "trying" to do it. Bands that try to please everyone fail, bands like this that play how they feel and play what they love end up please alot a people. I've seen them perform live several times and they honestly never sounded better than they did this night.

The Jukebox Romantics visiting Toledo from the great state of New York for the first time expressed their pleasant surprise at a Sunday crowd that actually turned out and stayed. In turn we were treated to one kick ass performance. These veterans of previous US tours and the famed Warped Tour showed no hints of pretense and got right into with us. Playing right up and in our faces, getting the audience right in on the show. To put it simply they played to this small but enthusiastic Toledo audience like they were headlining at Madison Square Garden. That kind of effort,energy and play for the joy of playing is not lost on me and I don't think it was lost on those who checked em out that night either. The Jukebox Romantics are defiantly headed onward and upward with their modern take on rock n roll have just the right attitude to keep earning fans from coast to coast with their earnest hearts on their sleeve style of music.Fantastic set and great guys too.