July 2017


The Howl (L’Urlo)
Cult Epics
DVD Review By: Jaime Pina

Filmed in 1969 in Italy by future “Eurotica” director Tinto Brass, this is a surreal, absurdist comedy that is sort of non-linear and features many vintage film clip inserts. The strange execution of the film is held together by the presence of stars Tina Aumont (Modesty Blaise, Satyricon, Fellini’s Casanova) and Gigi “Luigi” Proietti (The Appointment, Who Is Killing The Great Chefs Of Europe?).

Aumont begins the film as a bride who runs away from the wedding and joins Proietti on a series of odd adventures. The sequences are sometimes in color and sometimes in black and white with stock footage inserted at certain points. There is a part where they end up in what appears to be a Foley studio and Aumont performs and it is a great scene. At one point they talk to a rock and have a row with a lion. There is a lot of music in the film and occasionally Proietti bursts into these funny little songs.

The film has been compared to works by Fellini and Jodorowski but this film, while interesting is not quite in the same league as those. Fans of both filmmakers will find this one interesting and may seek out Brass’ other early films. The main appeal of this film is the presence of Tina Aumont. The camera loves her and she looks stunning in every frame of the film. Whether in no make-up and looking ragged, with very 60’s heavy mascara and extra long eyelashes or in pre-Goth make-up she is a real beauty and it is hard to take your eyes off of her. She has several nude scenes and in fact there are breasts of every shape, size and color throughout the film.

The DVD by Cult Epics looks nice with quality subtitles. The music sounds great and there is a commentary with Brass. Also included are great trailers for Radley Metzger’s Attraction aka The Artful Penetration Of Barbara with its ultra cool garage rock song and Brass’ Deadly Sweet aka I Am What I Am.


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