"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> THE HOSTILES
Interviewed By: Pamela Torres
A few weeks ago I got to talk to one of the hottest and most exciting ska bands to be seen live overseas. The Hostiles (which consists of brothers Joshua and Chris Barron on guitar and bass, Cal D on drums, Steve Bruce on the brass trombone and Lynsey Cowan on sax) have just released their first album ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD and I got an insightful look at the bands' origin and inspiration.
PUNK GLOBE: Okay! Tell us a little bit about yourselves. Who are The Hostiles?
HOSTILES: Um...We are one of the few ska/punk bands existing in Scotland and have been around since 2001. We like long walks on the beach, tennis and snuggling....
PUNK GLOBE: I understand you come from Glasgow, Scotland. How did you guys meet?
HOSTILES: Gang Bang!! Kilts make easy access!! Just kidding.... We are actually from a small town called Ayr which is just south of Glasgow. My bro and myself (myself and my bro?) moved over here from the US back in 2001. We all either met at school or through friends..nothing glamorous.


How funny would that be if we did form after participating in a gang bang?
"Hey I play guitar!" -Josh
"Well I play trombone, do you want to form a ska band?" -Steve
"Yeah sure, right after I fuck this chick!" - Josh

Thats how I imagine that would have went down...but unfortunately none of us are good looking enough to find ourselves in that situation..especially at the age of 14! I think thats enough for this bit...onwards with the interview!
PUNK GLOBE: What particular bands or artists influenced your ska-punk sound?
HOSTILES:Like all bands will tell ya...we are into a whole lotta different stuff and it changes all the time! For now I will stick with these bands Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger, Catch 22, Big D and the Kids Table, Sonic Boom Six, Capdown, Hi-Standard..... The list is endless and random!
PUNK GLOBE: Over the last couple of years you toured with a whole bunch of garage acts. Who did you got along with the most and the least?
HOSTILES:We didn't get on with Chase Long Beach very well. Some of the members were really cool..others either rubbed you the wrong way OR you rubbed them the wrong way. We played with them again recently and things were better..kinda Do people actually mention who they get on with least? For the most part, I love the guys in a skacore band from Blackburn called A War Against Sound. I always look forward to playing with them :)
PUNK GLOBE: Tell the Punk Globians what process you went through to record your debut disc ALWAYS LOOKING FORWARD?
HOSTILES:It took a year to do. With so many commitments that each of us had (university, work etc etc.) that was the only way we could manage it. We booked studio time every month whilst juggling 4-8 shows. It was funded either by the shows we played or outta our own pockets (mainly outta our..erm..parents pockets lol). Recording the album was hard but with the support of our family and friends we finished it.
PUNK GLOBE: Will you be coming to the United States later this year?
HOSTILES: We took a vacation to Florida for xmas just there and it was awesome. We all really enjoyed it and want to get back asap to play some shows. Though it is doubtful it will be this year..it WILL happen!
PUNK GLOBE: In your honest opinion, has rock music gotten too serious?
HOSTILES:I think so...alot of bands that are huge now adays have some kinda political message behind their music. Its totally awesome that these bands use their fame to get their message across and get people thinking about the way things are. These are the kind of people that help change the world which has alot wrong with it. I am all for changing the world for the better BUT think theres alot in this world to enjoy..at least from where I stand Pop music on the other hand has just gotten retarded (Lady Gaga..bluffin with my muffin, disco stick..need I say more?)
PUNK GLOBE: Anything last words you guys would like to say to the Punk Globe readers?
HOSTILES:I won't say anything cliche like "support the scene" because if you are reading this you already are! Have a nice day :)