February 2018


Christina Lopez
and Matt Eskew
of The Hellflowers
Interview By: Ginger Coyote

I recently got a chance to chat with Matt Eskew and Christina Lopez from The Hellflowers. I had seen them play at Liz McGrath's Birthday party and really enjoyed them...... A killer band that deserves alot of attention ... I hope you enjoy my interview with them..

Punk Globe: Thanks so much for the interview... The Hellflowers are a relatively new band. Am I right?

Matt: The band formed in 2015, so we've been doing this thing a little over 2 years.

Punk Globe: Tell us how you came up with the band's name? It is really catchy and fits your sound.

Christina: It was the brain child of our original guitar player.

Punk Globe: A great band name! How did everyone in the band hook up?

Christina: Current lineup...Matt and Christina were already writing songs together and needed a guitarist and drummer, so Matt contacted Cat who previously worked with him at PDI/Dreamworks. We found Mark through his other project, So Cal Rocket Dynamics.

Punk Globe: Sweet! I remember seeing the band play at LaCita when Liz McGrath was celebrating her birthday... The sound was not real great but you all kicked butt despite it all...Describe your music to the readers?

Christina: A hybrid of the Ramones and the Go Go’s with a little bit of X thrown in.

Punk Globe: Quite a mixture! Who are some of the bands musical influences?

Matt: Ramones, David Bowie, The Descendents, The Pixies, The Clash, X, and The Damned.

Punk Globe: Who is in the band and what do they play?

Christina Lopez - rhythm guitar/lead Vocals. Cat - Lead guitar. Matt Eskew - Bass. Mark Powell - Drums

Punk Globe: Has the band members played with other bands or do they currently have side bands?

Matt: Cat is currently in State Line Empire and Mark is in So Cal Rocket Dynamics. Matt has been in several, the most recent was the Tell Tale Heartbreakers and Christina was previously in a Honky-Tonk band called Kit & The Branded Men.

Punk Globe: I know that you are playing up in Napa Valley (wine country) in early February are you playing any other shows while up north?

Matt: We are also playing “The Crepe Place” in Santa Cruz with local Northern Soul fav's The Inciters. Also, Christina's birthday at the Whisky a Go-Go, opening for Missing Persons on May 18th!

Punk Globe: May 19th is Joey Ramones Birthday.... Have The Hellflowers toured?

Christina: Mostly just throughout California and Arizona but this year we plan to go much further!

Punk Globe: Do you have any releases out?

Matt: 2 EPs...” Come On, Let’s Dance!” And “Vacation”. Both available on Spotify, iTunes and at our shows.

Punk Globe: Killer! Have you done any videos for YouTube?

Christina: We have a total of 4 official music videos we have released on YouTube. Most recently “I See You”. which was released on the 1st of the year.

Punk Globe: Matt you are also from Northern California, am I right? Tell us about your day job it sounds very interesting and lucrative as well?

Matt: Yes, I am from San Jose originally. Currently working for Fox as an editor...I love it!

Punk Globe: What are some of your favorite venues to play?

Christina: Maui Sugar Mill Saloon is always fun and treats us well. Same goes for Chopper Johns in Phoenix Arizona.

Punk Globe: Favorite bands to play shows with?

Christina: Deadbolt, Flames of Durga, The Darts, Woolly Bandits, The Rocketz and our friends North by North from Chicago.

Punk Globe: What is in store for The Hellflowers in 2018?

Matt: More shows, our first full length vinyl record (recording with Agent Orange’s Dave Klein) and working on booking a UK tour!

Punk Globe: Congratulations on working with Dave Klein! Do you have any Internet addresses for the band that you would like to share with the readers?

Punk Globe: Describe yourself in three words?

Christina: Cat Loving Vampires

Punk Globe: Any thoughts on the current political climate in the USA?

Matt: Trump can eat a dick. Bernie Sanders 2020.

Punk Globe:Amen, Love Bernie Sanders... Any last words for Punk Globe readers?

Matt and Christina in unison: We hope to see you all in 2018!