"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> The Graceful Slicks
Review By: Lisa Booth
They re a UK Indie Band from Oxford, & Have played The 02 Academy, also headlined Dublin Castle in London, and are establishing themselves pretty well as I see.

Described on myspace as Psychedelic / Shoegaze / Surf - I would describe a touch of Classic a pinch of older a kick of Vintage Rock & definitely Psychedelic!

The Graceful Slicks are : Alex Abbott on Guitar Bass Vocal & Stylophone, Lewis Burke Smith on Guitar Bass & Vocal, Stephen Cain on The Drums Tambourine, Chris Davies on Guitar & Bass.

I received this 3 track CD in the mail, had never heard of them, and the sounds made me think I'd stepped back in time! What a Great CD! I gotta say i love it, & I Must try check em out sometime when they play near me!

Track one: Bul Bul Tarang. I found the intro sounds like Kasabian to start, The vocal is cool smooth,& slow with an oasis touch, slowly moves through the song sounding pretty funky to say the least.

Track two: Jalapeno. I found deep. Deep Purple older Rock Style. with a rough vocal a 70s edge of slow pure rock!

Track three: Fire. is repetitive to start flowing a great intro and great music, hard vocals with vintage rock beats and sound, reminding me of The Doors, with their own flow!

Kasabian added Oasis throw in the Doors and a bit of Deep Purple there you have the Graceful Slicks!

Go Check Them Out NOW At: www.myspace.com/thegracefulslicks