along with The Sights, Frosting
@ Frankie's Toledo Ohio on 2/19/11
By: Michael Rys
I am a technically challenged twit. What was supposed to be a fantastic video interview of London England's one and only The Godfathers turned into bits and clips of rubbish cause my finger strayed off the record button several times during the said interview.So if anyone can recommend an idiot proof camera I'm open to suggestions.
But all is not lost, the chance to talk with Peter Coyne ( vocals) Del Bartle( guitars) Grant Nicholas ( Drums) and Kevin Tihista ( from Triple Fast Action on bass) was truly very cool and enlightening. Peter and the guys expressed nothing but eagerness about touring America again, playing their first shows here since the 2009 Chicago show on St Valentines Day. When I asked why they wanted to come back to the States when numerous American bands rush to the shores of Europe where many think the pay is better and the crowds more plentiful. Mr. Coyne answered with out hesitation "because we love America and we've always been treated very well here.We've wanted to come back for a long while now." Peter had expressed from the stage the frustration that our bureaucracy's can inflict on bands that want to come and play our shores. Its the reason bassist and brother Chris Coyne could not make the trip and Kevin Tihista from Chicago was tapped to fill in for the tour.
The Godfathers are not only excited about touring the states again but also about the new material they have in the works for release later this year. Now Del, Peter and Grant were tight lipped about going into detail about the stuff they are working on, they did say right now they are about 6 or 7 songs complete, the first of which is out now as single" Back Into The Future" they assured me that the new material is their strongest yet but will still be classic Godfathers rock n roll. I touched on the fantastic production work Vic Maile did with them ( look him up, if you don't know, he worked on some timeless and classic records over his career) did with them early on and Peter says he was "the best,and an absolute lovely man". When I asked if the new material is being produced themselves I was told they are working with Bernie Torme ( Ozzy, Night Ranger and others) on production. Mr Torme is quite the guitar player and the The Godfathers are enthused with the results so far.I commented on the band moving from 2 guitar players( Mike Gibson,Kris Dollimore) to one ( Del Bartle, who was a member of the Sid Presley Experience with the Coyne brothers band proceeding The Godfathers). Del commented back that it was not necessary since it took two of them to do what he can do alone. We kept the conversation short since the boys were about 10 minuets from hitting the stage but The Godfathers sure are happy about being in America to play again, and will be unleashing a new album soon, and they plan on making it back again too!
Now on to the meat n bones of the show. First off I must say alot bands don't have the balls to put really good bands to open shows.The Godfathers are not one of those bands.
While I cant say I normally follow garage rock, and 'singer-song writer " rock I want to mention the openers because each of them were something special. The Frosting out of Chicago while there style of music in general is not usually my kind of thing, they delivered emotion, straight forward heart on their sleeves rock.I saw and heard 5 very different musicians probably from varying musical backgrounds all meshing together very well and performing an impressive show. I was passed a CD to listen to which I'll review for you all but I must say the Frosting impressed me and intrigued this grizzled old punk,I would love to see them play live again for sure.
Garage rock is not my thing at all.Its like pickles on burger for me. If for some reason I bite into that burger and I get one, I don't spit it out. My brain says "bleeeech', but I finish the bite and begrudgingly swallow it. But, be sure, I pick the rest of that thing off my burger before the next bite.
Now with that in mind Detroit Michigan natives The Sight are known as a garage rock band. Truthfully I had know idea till after I saw them and looked them up. No one told me garage could be that soulful,that bluesy and that downright rockin' ! I would not know who to compare them to. All I can say is that this three piece tore it up and if it was not The Godfathers following them up I would have said its downhill from here.
Alas, it was The Godfathers and when these blokes hit the stage in their snappy suits they had their "game faces" on. Starting the evening off with an instrumental called Public Enemy # 1, then blasting right off into classic like" I Want Everything", and "Cause I Said So". Not too much onstage prattling about or story telling... You the no bullshit full on Godfathers raw rock n' roll more classics like "She Gives Me Love" , "Johnny Cash Blues" and "This Damn Nation", mixed in some Sid Presley Experience tunes like "Hup 2,3,4" and some new ones like "Back Into The Future". Ending the evening with what Peter Coyne said was an "old English folk song" their radio hit "Birth School,Work, Death" with a larger sound- then they were crowded in the pit. Ladies and Gentlemen- The Godfathers are truly back !!! Changes made with in the band over the last couple of years I believe they are for the better. Grant Nicholas is an aggressive drummer who truly leads the band, Del Barlte is as nimble fingered a axe player as anyone and lays down some great harmonies. Kevin,he might be subbing for Chris Coyne but I think audiences and Chris would be very pleased with the job he did not only on bass but with back up vocals also. And Peter Coyne what can I say, the man is just as intense,and vocally spot on as he was in 1989. I really wish The Godfathers nothing but success on the remainder of their tour of the States and with the new record,of course it for self -fish reasons, if they do well the chances are much much better we'll be able to catch them Stateside again in the future.
Pictures,story,review and Live video By Michael Rys