The Ghouls
by Carl Macki

Robert Price (Vocals)
Zack Volta (Bass)
Johnny Apathy (Guitar)
Eric End (Drums)

"Stand Alone" -- CD
SOS Records
release date: March 2007

Song List
Jekyll & Hyde
Stand Alone
Kill Doll
Servants of the Youth
No Fear
Horror Show
Suicide Club
Lose Control
Carnival of Souls

The name is not for naught this band tours at a ghoulish pace and has the fan base to support it. They no longer stand alone.

They have been called the makers of horroribly hardcore music.

The band started in 2001 in Pennsylvania with Robert Price on lead vocals. They have seen many personnel changes since then.

Speed is not one of their weaknesses. Musically, that is. Their talent for lyrics brings many of their darker meanings to a rousing chorus, injecting a light humor from the contrast.

The Ghouls recently signed to powerhouse label SOS Records with this album out in early release. They also will be playing SOS'

"The British Are Coming 2007" touring festival, along with The Exploited, Final Conflict, Phantom Rockers, Resilience, and So Unloved.




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