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Its like a drug leaving you wanting more and more....
By: Lis Booth
The Fresh Sound of "The Frustrators" finally surfaced after 9 long years

The 4some have released a 4 track Ep: "Griller" available on itunes, Adeline Records And Doctor Strange Records. and other various online locations for download with The Artwork and Gig flyers have all been created by The Bands Vocalist & The Amazing Artist "Jason Chandler", featuring "Stanley" (The chicken) & Other Frustrators Characters on the Gig Posters that Jason has produced through the years.

Mike Dirnt Redirecting his position from Green Day to his side band "The Frustrators" throwing together a bunch of close friends, Terry Lineham Jason Chandler Art Tedeschi, to create 4 very fresh Epic songs, with a crisp, traditional, mid tempo East Bay punk Sound.

Track 1. "Stigma" is Raw!! Great Guitar and percussion blend with That edge waiting for you to sing along to the chorus, a very traditional Frustrator type song - simply amazing!

Track 2. "West of Texas Part 2" a deep sounding east bay punk- traditional Frustrators style song - A fantastic blend of guitar bass and percussion's moshed together to create something very awesome, I loved the sexy vocal talking, it gave it edge.

Track 3. "Prettiest Girl" has a great Bass Line and I just love the guitar mix & Beat. meshing well with soft vocals. waiting for the explosion at the end, creating a foot tapping, head nodding very catchy tune,

Track 4. "we Need To Talk" is very emotional, I just love it, - a creation of great guitar mix blended with a deep bassline, it touched me. simply beautiful and my favorite of them for the mood i was then in today!

This very very awesome ep with The fantastic name "Griller" left me replaying it again and again wanting more and more. (and spamming their facebook with my insanity! letting them know how I feel!!)

The 4 songs All blended excellently to create this fantastic ep we so longingly waited for,

Amazing Vocals by Mr Jason Chandler, Epic Basslines from The Mike Dirnt, Simply Great drum & Percussion from Mr Art Tedeschi, epic melodic guitar rhythm from Mr Terry Lineham.

The guys are just naturally The Frustrators creating an amazing record once again - simple as that.

Thank you guys
This will be listed as my favorite new music for now until something else grabs me, and to be honest theres not much new stuff "grabbing " me right now!

Please Don't leave it 9 years till next time, coz these 4 songs just prove you have still got it, and belong as The Frustrators!

SO, Go Buy it, Go attend the Shows, or you will regret it. Because once they re gone you don't know when they will be back.

Feb 18
924 Gilman Street
Feb 19
Phoenix Theatre @ 1:00PM
Feb 20
San Francisco,CA
Rickshaw Stop
Feb 23
"Command Center"
Feb 25
Santa Barbara,CA
Velvet Jones
Feb 26
Alta Loma, CA
Dr. Strange Records @ 1:00PM
Feb 27
West Hollywood,CA
The Troubadour

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Lisa Booth

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