The Fire The Flood
Truth Seekers
(No Sleep)
by Carl Macki

The Fire The Flood
Truth Seekers
( No Sleep
in stores August 7th.


Luke Williams - vocals
Rick Contes - guitar
Matt Russell - bass
Josh Moree - guitar
Taylor Knox - drums


And It Grows Like Weeds (Listen)
Turmoil At The Gates Of Heaven
The Wolf Inside Of Me
The Harvester
Join The Rat Race
A Downfall Of Western Culture
The Trees Eat Themselves
Worlds End
The Blizzard

The Fire The Flood has produced a crazy good debut CD. They recorded it with Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Killwhitneydead, He Is Legend) in Rural Hall, NC at The Basement Studios.

The lead singer Luke brings you to your knees with his furious, at-the-top-of his-lungs vocal style.

He would be arrested for it if he did it on the street.  And he keeps it up: no emo sneaks up on you.

Interestingly, The Fire The Food manages to play pretty melodically behind the screaming, This is more post hardcore more post-screamo than you can shake a whole cityfull of bands at. It's a fine specimen of what is developing in the genre.




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