by Momberger
Many of us have had a father figure in our lives. That person who was responsible in some part for shaping and molding our personalities and lives. The person we may have emulated or even hero-worshiped in some way. The Phoenix rock scene has been blessed with three prime examples of this person. The Father Figures, a power trio from cen-pho is just that role-model that is easy to hero-worship.

Three extremely talented (and slightly aged, but in a good way, like cheese, but without the mold) gentlemen have been imposing their surf-tainted post punk on the Phoenix scene for the past 18 months. They could all easily receive "Greatest Dad's Evar" mugs for Fathers Day from this reporter.

Imagine, if you will, if Man or Astroman, Fugazi, and Les Savy Fav all went skiing and got snowed in to their cabin for a couple of weeks with nothing but guitar, bass and drums and a grip of recording equipment. There is a real bum-shakin quality to The Father Figures. Intelligent lyrics compliment the cleverly style riffs. Anthemic choruses in songs like "Typical Bible Beating Hypocrites" gets the fists pumping and the crowds boogeying.

The Father Figures are getting ready to release their first album, Lesson Number One. I think it's about time we sit down and listen to what our father figures have to say. Hell we almost have to, in this day and age of creep-tastic senator shooters, it's about time we do a little hero-worshiping.
Punk Globe: If you could take any 3 people to lunch, living, dead, fictional, non-fictional, who would they be? Remember it's just lunch.
MVC: It would have to be Nelson Mandela, James Brown and Jimi Hendrix. We’d talk about freedom, funk and the blues.
Bobby: Strange, I was going to say the same thing as Michael. So in light of that, I’d go with George Carlin (pre-paranoia era Carlin), John Adams (el Segundo president con naulgas mas fina), and Barney Rubble (gotta know what Betty is like in the sack).
Tom: I’d rather dine with the living any day. I’d choose Pete Townsend, Lou Reed, and Don DeLillo.
Punk Globe: You are getting ready to get hit by a car, what kind of car is it?
MVC: I’m not getting ready to get hit by any cars! Dude, is this an interview or Final Destination 14?
Bobby: 1974 Gremlin; hopefully it would explode on impact.
Tom: If I’m going to survive, probably one of those little smart cars would be my choice. If I’m going to die, definitely by hummer.
Punk Globe: If you could be any kind of animal poo, what kind of animal poo would it be, and why?
MVC: Mastodon. The biggest hairiest log out there.
Bobby: Unicorn. It’s soft and tasty. Kinda like cotton candy.
Tom: Fuck you and your ridiculous questions, Momberger. I’m storming out of this interview. Although, I think it would be all right to be Amy Winehouse’s poo. Does that count?
Punk Globe: What album can take you to your happy place, and quick, every time?
MVC: All Your Goodies Are Gone by Parliament is the song I put on to wipe the blues away. I like cathartic music more than happy music so I’m more likely to scream along with some Black Flag or Birthday Party.
Bobby: Bad Brains- Rock for Light.
Tom: Right now, Lesson Number One by the Father Figures, of course. There are several others, though, for me. “The Day the Country Died” by The Subhumans (UK) is one that I always enjoyed. “Psychic, Powerless, Another Man’s Sac” by the Butthole Surfers is another fave, and “Live at Leeds” by the Who. That album rules.
Punk Globe: Besides the obvious reason, of all of ya bein over-the-hill, what was the reasoning behind the name The Father Figures?
MVC: I always conceived of it in a more sinister fashion. Think of science fiction novel with the title The Father Figures. You know, overlords with hidden sinister plans for humanity, robot slave drivers, mind control, the works. We’re the soundtrack.
Bobby: And it was better than our other working names, “Glass Skull of the Evil Deathlord,” “Fussy,” or “David Bowie.”
Tom: And again, Momberger, you are pushing your luck.
Punk Globe: Tom, you have a history of writing about some pretty damn funny topics. This album is no different. What's your process consist of?
Tom: The riffs come first. I like making lyrics up off of the top of my head until I come up with something I really like, then they start to stick. Sometimes there will be a theme in mind, for sure, or one of the other FF’s will have an idea or topic to suggest, but a lot time, it’s just wherever the riff takes me.
Punk Globe: There is a real chemistry among the three of you. It translates well through the live show and the song-writing. Was this closeness immediate or did it take some time to evolve?
MVC: I know how to do the Vulcan mind meld. That helped a little bit.
Bobby: I think it’s been there from the start. We got together, initially, as friends. That was the key. I don’t think any of us had any plans for the project. I know I never even thought about recording or releasing any material; it was just fun to get together and create. It only took a week or two to realize that this was something we needed to pursue further.
Tom: I have to agree with Bobby. I think our chemistry continues to evolve over time. It felt pretty good from the start and we’ve all known each other for some time, but the chemistry continues to improve. Like any successful relationship, communication is key and that one thing that we do quite a bit of. We have no problem talking about what’s working and what isn’t, especially when it comes to our songs.
Punk Globe: If trans-gendering was as easy as flipping a light switch on and off, and you could spend a day as a woman, besides playing with your new boobs, what would be the first thing you would do as a woman?
MVC: We are all married men. My curiosity about the female side of the human experience has been erased by years of patient listening to my wife’s every want and need. If I woke up as a woman I would say “Well honey I guess it’s your turn to take the trash to the alley.”
Bobby: I’d hit on Michael and then, after I had changed back into a dude, I would tell him it was me. It would really bum him out.
Tom: Damn it, Momberger, what does this have to do with our music? Seriously? Okay, I’ll play. I’d scratch your misogynist eyes out and then hit on Michael and call Jayne County to talk about options.
Punk Globe: If I was with the make-a-wish foundation and you were a bunch of dying kids, what would your make-a-wish be?
MVC: Allow us to play Typical Bible Beating Hypocrites at the Superbowl where Tom will have an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction.
Bobby: Lifetime lawn care. For all three of us.
Tom: You’re crossing the line, Momberger. Dying kids are not funny. I do like Michael’s answer, though, and Bobby’s too. I guess I would wish that I could reach through this virtual interview world and smack you for asking such a retarded question. Wait, can I say “retarded”?
Punk Globe: What's on the horizon for The Father Figures?
MVC: Lather, rinse, repeat.
Bobby: 2012. We’re headlining the apocalypse.
Tom: We are going to play some shows, write some new tunes, record another record, and keep it going as long as it is fun. We’d love to get out to sunny California and play some shows, as well as any other place we can drive to in a day or so….especially if one of our friends lives there and there is a skate park to ride.
Punk Globe would like to thank The Father Figures and Momberger for the fun interview....

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