June 2017


The Father Figures
'Heavy Lifting'
12" Lp Review By: Ginger Coyote

Slope Records presents a brand new spankin' 12" Lp from Phoenix's own The Father Figures featuring the one and only Tom Reardon, who shares my birthday...This is their first release with Slope Records but 'Heavy Lifting' is their 4th release.... Tom has provided Punk Globe with some rad interviews and now provides us all with a killer record filled with old school skate/punk rock to satisfy all of our musical needs. Stand out tracks include 'Ego Vs Ego', 'Heavy Lifting' and 'Borrowed Records'... The band consists of Mike Cornelius on guitar. Mike was a founding member of JFA, Tom Reardon on bass and Bobby Lerma on drums hold down the rhythm section. You may remember Bobby from playing with Jeff Dahl... Tom played with the now legendary Hillbilly Devilspeak with whom the White Trash Debutantes played with at The Emerald Lounge in Phoenix..... Buy this 12" piece of vinyl.... Very impressive with large sound from a trio of old school pro's....

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