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By Lisa Booth
Thee Savage Kicks have released their debut album, ‘Preacher’ with the album launch November 12th at The Gaff on Holloway Road in North London.

with band Members:
Dan: Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Dean: Bass Guitar, Vocals
Max: Lead Guitar, Vocals
Mikey: Drums, Vocals

Starting out as a handy three piece in 2009, Dan was added to the line-up later that year.
They say their influences are early punk (Sonics) and all things garagey. - Garage/punk/blues/rock 'n' roll and you can hear twists of their influences running through, All in all i found it A good album, good vocals and good moshing tunes!

Check their tunes out at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/THEE-SAVAGE-KICKS/126268660723976