Thee Obscene - "Death Rides A Pale Whore"
by KarlSnarl, RMC
Reluctant Music Critic

This is some screamin' crazy shit. The hardcore, fast-paced Seven Seconds style vocal sections dominate most of the tracks leading a depraved cacophony. But it's catchy too and the whole band is complicit in the mayhem, playing tight as hell with some good hooks thrown in with great effect. All tracks here hold interest with Stab! Stab! Stab!, Earth Must Be Destroyed and Rock And Roll Asshole with its battling vocal lines, standing out. Probably the last four tracks are strongest, though, beginning with a thoughtful instrumental and launching into a frenetic display that culminates with a "buried" country political song. These Central Florida freaks likely have a devoted following.

Bony Orbit Record Records



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