By: Lisa Booth
The Dwyers formed in 2007 from TURKU, Finland.

Eemeli Vocals and Guitar
Mirko Vocals and Guitar
Järppä Drums
Anttoni Bass
Their first 7" came out in 2008, In 2009 They released Gas Station Masturbation with a new line up. Today we have Bowling With Jesus!

This album is released by Airiston Punk Levyt and The u.s retailer Rally Records, produced By Joona Lukula and are an Independent Label, With 10 catchy Punk Rock Tunes, with a twist of variety. Plus an old and modern punk sound, which is great!!! Each song has its own individuality.

They also reminded me of some early Frustrators music, which is a good thing coz I love The Frustrators,!

check out their video on you tube:

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Go have a Rave to them!! They are good!