June 2017


The Dirty Nil
'Minimum R&B'
CD Review By: James Carlson

The Dirty Nil, if you aren’t familiar with the band, is a Canadian trio that plays punk rock, with a lot of emphasis on the rock. The truth is, although The Dirty Nil is often classified as punk, there is a considerably stronger alternative element than punk in the band’s sound. This is one of those bands that most people have heard of but haven’t heard a great deal from aside from perhaps experiencing one of its memorable shows, which is probably because, while most bands in the genre push out albums every two years or so, The Dirty Nil has mostly released EPs and singles since 2011. That is, until the band released its debut full-length, ‘Higher Power,’ on Dine Alone Records in 2016. Now, finally, The Dirty Nil has released its EPs and singles on one full-length album titled ‘Minimum R&B,’ on Fat Wreck Chords in the US.

It is said that The Dirty Nil delivers quite a live performance. Judging by the band’s music, which is raw, loud, dirty, and energetic, those claims are not difficult to believe. And it certainly carries over very well into the band’s recorded music.

While the songs on ‘Minimum R&B’ are consistently good, the standouts include “Verona Lung,” “Cinnamon,” “Guided by Vices,” and “Caroline.”

‘Minimum R&B’ by The Dirty Nil was released on April 28, 2017 on Fat Wreck Chords in the US and is available in CD, vinyl and digital formats.

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