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"Shake Your Action"
By: Jeff Liberty
After trying relentlessly to get an interview with their vocalist Rusty to no avail, maybe next time.. I still wanted to bring to your attention this non apologetic punk-Rawk assault from Fredericton, New Brunswick's own The Dirt Track Dates and their new EP "Shake Your Action"... Where is Fredericton you ask? Well's it on the Canadian east coast near the Bay of Fundy where the tides are the highest in the world and where we are currently up to our necks in snow, so Rusty could of been shovelling his way back from the beer store. Who really knows? At just over 11 minutes long this album is an addictive 4 headed fast and loud fire breathing sonic monster. As Rusty howls and snarls my favourite track "How can I love you" ( if you don't love Rock "N Roll ) you know your listening to a punk-indie classic in the Great White North'. Hopefully beyond our border soon as well...The EP is a mad bull in a ring with the listener being the bull fighter who has just been crystallized into a blood red cape about to be torn to shreds. Guitar shredding that is, so its all good.. Exhilarating heart pounding blast of an EP to say the least.... As the snow melts and spring arrives hopefully the meltdown will help this EP find its way south and into your music collection.. To find out more about the bands history, members,current tour dates and get the real taste go to www.thedirttrackdates.com Nothing like a great Canadian storm, I need to buckle down!
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Jeff Liberty
Canadian East Coast Columnist