Russian Roulette
Wonderdrug Records
by Carl Macki


photo: jd jackson left and bert switzer right

(other releases:  "Destroyed by Anger"  "Outta Control")

Russian Roulette
(Wonderdrug Records)

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(also some sample cuts)

Song List

Dangerous Bomb
A Window
Crime Wave
Russian Roulette
Devil Rules The World
Coming Home
Lullaby (Bonus Track - New Version)
Bombs, Part 1 (Bonus Track)

The Destroyed were a early Boston punk band that through drummer Bert Switzer shared a founding punk legacy with Monster Island in that area. J Geils Band was an earnest fan and helped to promote them and take them on tour. The bittersweet folkie Loudon Wainwright III (Rufus and Martha's dad) is a close friend of and influence on Bert Switzer, who has also played with the avant-garde guitarist Henry Kaiser (If you know anything about Henry Kaiser you know what I am driving at.) This doesn't make them great or even listenable, they do have treads.  After the band broke up,  J.D. Jackson, a guitarist and songwriter in the band, contactedSwitzer about playing together again and the result was "Outta Control," which came out in 2003.

Now it's time to play "Russian Roulette:" just give it a spin it won't hurt.  I gave this record to a friend, who has good taste, and he said this isn't really my kind of music. He was being polite.It is hard being a musician, so be kind to them, be compassionate. Others have been rude. Hey! I remember going to a Jonathan Richman show. People were holding their ears running out of the room. It sounded fine to me. I don't know what else to say. I don't know what the negative fuss is about. It kinda reminds me of critics who complain about "The Departed," which was set in Boston. I found to be a masterpiece, even though it was derivative.

I don't dislike this album. It is like an epiphany. It grows on you. It gets better. I would even buy it. Don't be dismayed. Just let them take over. It would be wise to go to The Destroyed website at so you can actually hear some of the mp3 off of the album before you decide to buy it, though. And, Bert, thanks for sending the album, it is appreciated.


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