Live @ Woodchucks Toledo 7/9/11
Photo's and Review By: Michael Rys
I had been looking forward to this show for weeks..... I kept telling myself do not let the idiocy of the venue booking 5 more bands inside plus the three I was coming to see outside, it does not matter. Keep cool.... Later I'm telling myself don't lose your your temper when right after the sound check during The Deadbeat Moms first few seconds the singers mic goes out forcing the band into a prolonged but damn sweet blues jam. Blues don't make me lose my temper. The sound man who's responsible for fixing the mic issue after diddling the mic for a bit leaves the venue in his van with out saying a word to anyone. Wasted a perfectly good Strohs when I crushed it in my hands when I found out he was gone. At this point I'm in the bar where said noise art garage bands are playing yelling at the dude who hired the sound guy to get out here and look at the equipment so my show can get on its way now running 20 minuets behind. By the time I could drag him outside one of the members of Intentional Object (Carl) got the sound going 100%. Two songs into The Deadbeat Moms set the hippie sound guys returns looking confused scratching his balls. Now on with the music. Toledo audiences at least ones with taste all love The Deadbeat Moms, me included. These boys mash all that is still righteous about the last 50 years of rock n roll a spit right back out at ya. No gimmicks, no frills, no glitz..... true Toledo rock n roll. Not one hiccup in this bands sound or approach. Highlight anytime a I see them love is them playing Hogstepper, which in case you have not heard the tune is about two over sized and overzealous lovers going at it.The only thing I want more of form the Deadbeat Moms is gigs. These fellas should be out on stage way more often than they are. More fans would be in the future if they could manage it.
Debuting @ Woodchucks was the long awaited arrival of Intentional Object. This band has been in the works for months and despite the recognizable faces they do not list their names on the bands site, and do not communicate with the public using their names. Its Object 1, Object 2 and so on.... I will say this the Objects are made up of members of rather well know Toledo area bands past and present including but not limited to, Lazy American Workers, Zimmerman Twins, Polka Floyd, The Dougouts, and Matt Truman Ego Trip. Punk rock super group Toledo Style. Once the open chords and smoke wore off you have a band that is fast paced, intricate,and even on occasion melodic. The biggest surprise for me given the talent on stage was the humor in the songs. With the vocals being delivered in such an intense manner it was made that much funnier when you heard some of the lyrics.Songs about being caught drinking by your mom, teenagers wanting babies because all their friends have baby's... funny stuff. Punk rock that makes you chuckle in the way the Dead Kennedy's made you chuckle, slam dance and then eventually think. Excellent debut and a absolute blast to watch.
Circus Boy from Detroit Michigan was up next. This 4 piece playing in support of their second CD is to be hailed just for showing up.Circus Boy ( vocals) himself had fallen the previous week during a show and smashed his elbow to bits. So bad it needed surgery to repair. Knowing that Circus Boy's live show is one that not only musically punk as hell but also feature the exploits of Circus Boy climbing, swinging, crushing into , on and around anything and everything available during a show. How is this band going to adapt with out the wild man being free???? The short answer is by not skipping a beat. OKyeah so some unpredictability was lost but it was no big deal when you got down to it. The songs which drew mainly from the new record while simple in their construction and lyrics are 77 style punk masterpieces and were delivered just like that. Circus Boy's voice takes on the tone and style of Heartbreakers style.. Johnny Thunders and the band just lays down the nasty dirty beat to go strutting along to. ha!!! Feeling the pain maybe they try to beat for the exit after 35 minuets, and the crowd would not have it, with the band agreeing to two encores , and then forcing another on C.B and his smashed elbow. Nice, now here I was fearing we might not see Circus Boy the band at 100% what we got was the band at 120%.
The only damper on the night had nothing to with the crowd or the bands. This was Midwest punk at its finest.