Demon Lover


Review by Carl Macki


Brian Gabriel – Lead Guitar
Jon Weber  -- Drum
Joe Merrigan  Bass
Rob Carlyle Vocals, Guitar

Track Listing

Groove On
Big, Fat, Sexy Mama
Can’t Get Through To You
My Heart Still Aches For You

Now The Compulsion follow up with their third EP, “Laughter from Below.” It just keeps on getting better! Great!! Slightly different lineup, too. Sounds tight: Hard Rock Big Apple Big Sound -- The Compulsions are at it again.

They rock and Raunch on these tracks. Their version of “Cocaine” does justice to the song with a classic and fresh interpretation. “My Heart Still Aches For You” is drenched in hard emotion. Tight and heavy, the new lineup has mastering anything musically fate may come its way. Now here’s hoping their career will do the same.

The Compulsions continue.