by Carl Macki


Viewed "The Bridge" (by Eric Steel) last night at, coincidentally enough, The Bridge Theater in the Richmond District of San Francisco. It's about jumpers of the Golden Gate span--the filmmakers set up a cameras at the Bridge and filmed the year of 2004--this was not warmly received by the Bridge District.

I was surprised to see a friend featured in the film. He was from Skokie, where my beloved is from, and made fantastic, Chicago-style pizza, and had owned several restaurants in San Francisco. I talked to a guy who knew Ruby, too, another pizzeria owner. He said the coke got to Ruby. A friend interviewed in the film wondered about the anti-depressants she gave him. She sobbed. It was moving. This film hit hard, no, it slammed!

Kevin Hines was one who jumped, and survived.  The way he told the experience was fascinating.  The fall damaged his vertebrae in his back, and while he was waiting to be rescued, he felt something nudge his leg.

He thought: Great, I survive the fall from the Bridge, only to be eaten by a shark. It was a seal, circling about his body as if to protect him.

He said he took this as a symbol of God answering his self-stated desire on the way down that he didn't want to die.

The movie was very telling about the effect of drugs, and the set that friends, family and doctors suggestively assert to the mentally ill. A wonderful film. I would 'jump' at the opportunity to see it.

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