"Sloppy Seconds"
Review and Photo's Michael Rys
New York City's The Bloody Muffs get a nod for being one hardworking band.Lots of touring through the Midwest,a national swing and two Cd's in two years. Jonesey( Guitar & vocals) Jessica Carmen Bass & Vocals) and Kat Kaos (Drums &vocals) remind me of those cousins you only see once a year at the family picnic. The uptight stuck up side of the family asses pucker when they see em piling out of the car,smoke spilling out of the windows,empty beers bottles falling out of the door,and muffler backfiring. We're excited to see them....the gals are hot and wear tight shorts,uncle Jonesy tells us all the stories were not supposed to hear about mom when she was a teenager,sneaks us beers, and doesn't tell when he found us smoking.The Bloody Muffs play fun simple rock n roll, like it was meant to be. Songs about sex,drugs,booze,hallucinations,drugs,sex,bodily functions, and oh yeah sex. The Bloody Muffs remind me of Nashville Pussy if they worshipped the Ramones and the Queers instead of AC/DC. Top notch production which proves you don't have to cut the balls of a record to have good clean production.The harmonies Jessica chimes in on will have you singing along and the lyrics will have you laughing your ass off.The guitar, drum and bass chops will have you bopping along too. Play the CD for your friends before you tell em the name of the band,guaranteed they are gonna dig it if they have taste and won't be all "ewww what kinda name is that?", after they hear how much it rocks.
Not one bad tune on the CD but the ones I am hooked the most are Drunk Tank,Seven Dwarfs Of Hells Kitchen,Lets Get Drunk and Fuck,and 118 Blues.Grab this CD and make your families asses pucker,you'll be pogoing all over the place without a care.
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