Get Deep With Tyler Vile
The best interviews I do are the ones that remind me not to take everything so seriously. Monkey and Pete are younger than I am in spirit, so their sense of humor really carries this thing. To make a corny Adicts reference, they're the jokers in the pack! Enjoy the interview
Punk Globe: Thanks for wanting do this interview, please tell us a bit about what you and the Adicts are up to at the moment
MONKEY : How did I get involved with this? Anyway I'm doing this interview and then getting ready to go to bed
Pete Dee: I'll put the kettle on Monk & make ya a nice cuppa hot chocolate.
Punk Globe: So, you guys just got back from touring South America, what are the fans in those countries like?
MONKEY :We went to a couple of places for the first time, Chile and Columbia, so it's an adventure. the fans were wonderful, enthusiastic, happy, and some were a bit mad, but in a good way.
Pete Dee:They Love us down there, it's truly an experience when the crowd is actually louder than the band. Such nice people too in South America & their culture is lovely as is the food. Very polite people everywhere we went & super fans.
Punk Globe: You're headed to Japan soon too, right? Do aspects of their culture, namely Kabuki theater have an influence on the Adicts' stage presence?
MONKEY : Not really, but there is a kabuki tradition that entails the artists pressing their faces on cheesecloth after the show to give an image of the make up- So you might see that at the merch stand soon.
Pete Dee: Harry Karis another one but illegal to perform.
Punk Globe: The obvious influence in terms of the look of the band is A Clockwork Orange, but if the Adicts were to drop that, would you feel like the same band?
MONKEY : Yeah I think we can do whatever we want, might be time for a change anyway, I'm thinking of a smurfs image so we can capitalize on the new movie.
Pete Dee: We could do what we want but our fans wouldn't like it or the smurfs either. We are always changing anyway & I have felt everyone in this band they are very snuggly.
Punk Globe: Has anyone like Malcolm McDowell who played Alex in Clockwork Orange ever turned up at a gig? If not, how would you react to him being there?
MONKEY : Not that I know of, that would be cool as long as he didn't nick all the booze
Pete Dee: Dim Dim did once so we were told..I think if Malcolm came to the Gig I'd just give him all Monkeys booze to drink.
Punk Globe: Your brother, Kid Dee, is quoted as saying that you changed your name from the Pinz to the Adicts, "because the Pinz was such a shit name." Do you agree, was there anyone in the band who really liked the name? And how would you feel if a new band started using that name?
MONKEY : It wasn't totally shit , my first choice was spina bifida so it could have been worse.
Pete Dee: I do like spina bifta though, there is a band now called Pinz & its still a shit name.
Punk Globe: So, with two sets of brothers in the band (you and Kid, Mel and Scruff), and virtually the same lineup as you had when you started is there a big family aspect to the Adicts? Do Monkey and Dan feel like brothers to you too?
MONKEY : We are a family, Dan feels like a sister to me, the others are the mental brothers locked away that I don't talk about.
Pete Dee:We are mental. I always felt like Dan was your sister too, certainly not mine.
Punk Globe: You had changed your name to ADX and Fun Adicts for a while in the 80s, right? How did that change come about?
MONKEY : We got in trouble with the law and had to go into hiding with a new identity.
Pete Dee: Hiding in the bushes give you a bad back but really dreadful drugs back in them days... I would have changed the name of the world if I could have. to something like. Fluffyjobs or Aberdeen, the truth be told record label tried to & successfully conned us into it. amazing what these pricks will do...
Punk Globe: Do you have a good relationship with members of other bands who've been around for the same stretch of time, like Vice Squad and Cock Sparrer?
MONKEY : We run into lots of bands at festivals etc, we've all had a similar life as far as music goes so the common ground and nostalgia makes it fun..
Pete Dee: Yeah we get along with everyone, couldn't give a shit what anyone thinks of us anyway...
Punk Globe: On the Adicts website, you quickly detail the violence of the early gigs. If you don't mind, give us the story of the craziest Adicts show.
MONKEY : We had a few shows in the early days that didn't involve much music, just fighting, the Harwich riot comes to mind.
Pete Dee: Yeh Harwich was good there's so many we could mention. but would rather not, all I will say we put some people in hospital.
Punk Globe: What's your relationship like with the famous 100 Club? Is that sort of a home away from home for you?
MONKEY : We just played there for the first time in over 20 years, some one hasn't been cleaning the house much, its still the same dive.
Pete Dee: We used to play there all the time 20 years ago but they fired monkey, he used to do the sweeping up & house cleaning there. I have a soft spot for the old hole.
Punk Globe: Do you take audience requests or play from a set list? How does it feel to have fans from all over the world shout out requests and sing along to the songs?
MONKEY : Well if they are at the show we can hear them, but if we are in Berlin and someone is shouting from Bogota its hard to know what they want but we'll play it anyway.
Pete Dee: As Monkey said.
Punk Globe: Does the rest of the band live primarily in the U.S. or Europe? How does that affect touring?
MONKEY : Half and half, doesn't affect touring but rehearsals are few and far between.
Pete Dee: It effects me cos Monk doesn't have much to do when it comes to practicing I sometimes wish we could get a practice in now & again.
Punk Globe: Pete, you say on the Adicts' website that your favorite place to take a vacation is Australia. What kind of connection do you have to that country and what does it bring out in you to play there, or even just to be there?
MONKEY : That's one for Pete, I have family there but have never had a holiday there, we've only been once and that didn't go so well, one wanker from New Zealand still owes us money.
Pete Dee: Yeah that's my favorite place, we should pay that wanker a visit down there with a Black & Decker.
Punk Globe: You have your own signature Adicts guitar out on the market, right? What did it feel like to hold one of those in your hand for the first time?
MONKEY : I've got a signature..... well I've just got a signature.
Pete Dee: hahaha! It felt like holding my new signature guitar. I'm very honored really, shame its about 30 years late.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us what the high points of the new "Life Goes On" album are, both in the recording of it and the actual songs?
MONKEY : The highlight for Pete was my one take vocals, it made his life so easy.
Pete Dee: Yeh Monks one takes are a rarity. If three days fixing his vocals is a highlight then that must have been it :) I think the highlight was we really enjoyed the whole thing & it's a great record.
Punk Globe: What do you think has kept the band going this long? What keeps you inspired to play the old favorites and write new songs?
MONKEY : I'd rather write more old favorites. Pete Dee: I write the new ones so Monkey can wait til their old favourites, then re write them...We are a family we have been through everything the biz has thrown at us & we have done it our way in the end. Not the best way. But our way. Suppose thats a punk ideology in the end, I just wished we never were sucked in by the record label BS years ago. They ruin so many good bands. & nearly killed us. The media are just as bad, build you up then put ya down.
Punk Globe: Should we expect to see you guys out there performing for another few decades? Droogs in wheelchairs, maybe?
MONKEY : We'll be singing "You'll never walker alone" "Too Old" "Lets Go..To The Toilet Again"
Pete Dee: I don't mind rockin in a wheel chair. fuckin kid's been sitting on his arse now for 35 years.
Punk Globe: thanks so much for the interview. I wish you and the band luck and good health. Any closing comments or words of wisdom for our readers?
MONKEY : Thanks
Pete Dee: Some wisdom for ya Never wash yer nuts with paint thinner...why??? Well because it poisons the squirrels
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