"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> The 70s UK Style
By: Spider Mahone
remember the 70s not being a blast
3 day working week and sitting on ya arse
in darkness each evening due to workers strikes
working class people standing up for their rights
the beatles were gone it was now ska and soul
with glam rock emerging from a dark blackened hole
punk arrived with a blast and a bang
did you ever really want to be part of the gary glitter gang
a new age was dawning, raising its beady eye
seeing ya parents speechless then cry
joey ramone with his shades and his hair
sidney vicious with his snarl and his stare
debbie harry had a heart of glass
wendy williams was never upper class
the clash were proclaiming londons burning
it gave us a passion a sense a yearning
bands like the ruts and sham 69
music pleasing like a fine red wine
the queen celebrated 25 years on the throne
cheered on by punks with pins throu their nose
as soon as it started it was over so sad
but for that short period of time it made me feel glad
it gave us a passion a spirit a flair
and i thank him above that i was right there