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Review Libby Freeman
Terezodu new four song ep is all kinds of thrashy, scream-o, bass driven goodness. The self titled ep from the Orange County band kicks off with "The Truth," a song that showcases lead vocalist Leo Ulfelder's dynamic vocal range and offers some pretty quirky lyrics, ("I want to see your hands turn red") which in general I happen to love. Ulfelder's vocals (he also plays bass) are highly stylized, the sort of dark temper tantrum sound that had me making early Murder City Devils and Rudi-Peni connections. The second song, "The Life" stood out as having an almost 80's metal sound, due in large part to Eddie Olopeza's shrieking guitar coupled with Alex Shultz's energetic drumming. "The Lie" reads and listens as social critism of suburban values, definitely evokes a sense of rebellion against the commonplace superficiality with lines like: "It's not the painting just the colors I used to paint it that grabbed you by the throat." The final track and my favorite, "The Death" starts off with a heavy bass intro, which again compliments Ulfelder's vocals very well: think "1/4 dead" by RP. If you're into dark wave punk, metal, and hardcore, or just hyper energetic music in general, definitely check this band out.