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No Excuses
Review By: Michael Rys
No Excuses recorded in 2009 by Knoxville maniacs Teenage Love 13. This record was billed as their reunion CD, 10 songs of no compromise punk rock throw down romping through the alleyways,throwing empty beer bottles,fire cracker lighting,mil box baseball playing well you get the point...John Sewell bassist seems to lead the charge and carnage master Russ Harper is at his maniacal best on this CD, and the rest of the band is no bunch of slouches either.Slave to the riff guitarist Jeff Cregger ebbs and flows with the band riding along, and the solos are short ,sweet and down right nasty. My only down spot is Jay Martins drumming is not mixed real well and even though he's tearing up you have to strain to really hear the drums.
I heard their latest EP( Street Zombie) before hearing No Excuses and I loved it. I digging this CD even more.Seems to have slightly more bite and way more venom.Impurities,Every time,Muffbuster and Dirty Side of Town( kinda Faster Pussycat sounding) are my favorite songs on a disc with 10 solid tunes. Get your hands and ears on this gem.
Find out about the band for yourself here-http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/pages/Teenage-Love13/236932039272?sk=info
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