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"Street Zombies"
By: Michael Rys
Teenage Love started stirring up trouble in Knoxville Tenn around 1984 and went on to establish quite a local rep till they imploded in 1991. Like a lot of punk/hardcore bands do in their youth things like drugs,fights,stunts gone wrong and arrests can just put a dent in the momentum and desire. Fest forward ahead a few years and the band is prodded into a reunions show only to discover they really enjoyed doing it again and best off they actually learned how to play their instruments. Gigs and a record ensued where their early material was finally properly captured. I'm holding the EP "Street Zombie" which just came out this past February and features 5 new songs.Russ Harper vocalist and ringmaster,Jeff Gregger guitar lead the way with tight backing section consisting of Rodney Cash on drums, and John Sewell on Bass. What grabs me right away about Teenage Love13 is how they have no idea what part of the country they live in. No hint of southern roots at all. These boys totally have a southern Californian punk sound out of the 80' early 90's, a little bit of The Humpers, a dash of The Creamers and big healthy scoop of Lazy Cowgirls. This is a good thing, I was crazy about that stuff and no one has that sound these days. 5 songs that are all jacked up on some great guitar and bass work.Vocal performances really stand out of the tracks Someday, and especially Cheers Motherfuckers which is my favorite track by far. My only beef with this CD is I would love to hear the drums more predominate in the mix, must have been mixed by a guitar player. Cant wait to hear what they will put out whens its a full length release.And... Maybe its about time these boys hit the road for some shows too. Check out the band for yourself at teenagelove13.com or at http://www.facebook.com/reqs.php#!/pages/Teenage-Love13/236932039272
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