By: Gerry Jenn Wilson

I was 'Sweet 16' the first time I had the pleasure of rocking-out to Hamilton, Ontario's legendary TEENAGE HEAD!!!...They played my High School...Georgian Bay Secondary "Buttfuck" MEAFORD, ONTARIO...A.K.A. "Beaver Valley High!"....this region of Ontario is known for "Blue Mountain Pottery" & Apple Orchards a' Plenty...with a lil Skunk Bud in the mix!!!...

Teenage Head are hands down one of the coolest Punk/Rock n' Roll bands representing Eastern Canada, known for their killer stage shows & "Hits a' Plenty!!!"..."LET'S SHAKE" is the theme song for Cult Film "GOLDIROCKS"...directed by Paula Tiberius. .not to mention "HAWAII", "PICTURE MY FACE", "TEENAGE BEER DRINKING PARTY", "DISGUSTEEN", etc... They were the anthem songs that got us 80's Adolescents over "ZIT N' TIT ANGST!"...When TEENAGE HEAD hits the stage the party is ON!!!!..

It is with great regret to be the bearer of bad news, (on that note!)...FRANKIE VENOM (TEENAGE HEAD'S WILDLY ENTERTAINING FRONT MAN/ SINGER)...has left the building...his ticket has been punched...& our dearly beloved singer is no longer alive, but I can assure you he is with-out a doubt "Kicking It Out" Somewhere in The Netherworld!!...What is so SHOCKING about Frankie's passing is that TEENAGE HEAD just toured through Vancouver, B.C. in May, 2008 where they put on an unforgettable show. Frankie Venom succumbed to throat cancer mid Oct. 2008..(only 5 months later!!!)...

Frankie Venom was the real deal!!..He will be missed by us all at PUNK GLOBE MAGAZINE!... "HERE TODAY, GUANO TOMORROW!!!"...."VIVA LA TEENAGE HEAD!"....

Photo's of Frankie Venom and Teenage Head @ The Plaza Club 5-28-08

By Gerry Jenn Wilson





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