Jonesy from Punk Globe Gets Real....With Taff From Varukers
by Jones Rosenberg

PUNK GLOBE: Hey Taff Hows Things?

TAFF: Things are good...we've just signed to Madonna's label and Metallica are planning on releasing a cover album  of our songs..we are expecting to make a fortune...

PUNK GLOBE: What have you got planned with Varukers for 2006?

TAFF: We're planning on invading Iran,beeting Bush and Blair to it..
PUNK GLOBE: Are you currently busy with any other musical projects?

TAFF: Rat is singing for a band from Stoke,can't recall their name...Biff is in Sick On The Bus and Marvin and Sean occasionally play for MYWAR...

PUNK GLOBE: How would you describe the sound of Varukers in 2006?

TAFF: The same as in 1981..crap Discharge rip-off...only now we also rip-off Exploited and Broken Bones...

PUNK GLOBE: Got any tours planned for the near future?

TAFF: Hopefully,we're off to Canada and concentrating on playing more UK shows ..also,hopefully Greece and Puntala will come off

PUNK GLOBE: How  does Rat keep up with both Discharge and Varukers?

TAFF: He keeps up on his pushbike...

PUNK GLOBE: How the hell does Rat's voice up with doing both Discharge and Varukers?

TAFF: It's stuck in his throat...also,sperm seems to ba good lubricant

PUNK GLOBE: When did you start playing with the band? How did it happen?

TAFF: My probation officer made me join about 10 years ago...Biff's did the same about 20 years ago and Sean and Ricardo's mum's made him join instead of a paper round

PUNK GLOBE: Do you keep in touch with the guys in Chaos UK? Can we expect something in the future?

TAFF: We touch them on their arseholes...fuck Chaos UK..they're a fucking pose...('cept Mower)

PUNK GLOBE: Where is your favourite place to tour?

TAFF: All tours are about the same no real preferrential treatment to any nation...punks are punks all around the globe

PUNK GLOBE: Lots of old school bands like Varukers have good promotion overseas and  tour frequently. What is the scene like in the UK compared to the scene in for instance the US?

TAFF: Both scenes are pretty healthy at the moment...lots of younger punks coming up through the ranks..I should imagine Sweden to be pretty similar...

PUNK GLOBE: Are you satisfied with the retrospective CD "1980 - 2005 : A Collection of 25 years" you did for SOS Records? What is it like working with them?

TAFF: The compilation was another comp...never even seen it...couldn't tell you about SOS...

PUNK GLOBE: Speaking of retrospective. Since the original line up of Varukers was formed in 1979 the music buisness and the punk scene has changed drastically. XXXXX

TAFF: It's probably gone full-circle at the minute...there is a definite buzz about the punk scene at the moment...noteable difference is there's not so much fighting with skinheads etc that went on a lot in UK early 80's...

PUNK GLOBE: Give me some thoughts on mp3's and illegal/legal file sharing?

TAFF: I'm all for it...too many expensive,shite records out there...I download mp3's...if the stuff is good,I buy the CD...I love the presentation of them...if someone is going to download your stuff and not buy it,they're the type of people who were taping your albums 10 years ago..

PUNK GLOBE: What do you feel about commercialism and the state of punk rock today.

TAFF: What fucks us off is those arsehole cunts who pretend to be anarchists and of high punk principle,when in fact,they're the same rip off capitalist twats as the majors..we've nothing against people making a lving from labels/distros/clothing etc,but hate those who make out they
don't and call your band money-grabbing...

PUNK GLOBE: Does it have a negative effect on music?

TAFF: Punks will allways make music,regardless of the state of financial affairs...

PUNK GLOBE: Speaking of that when will we see a Varukers pillow case at Interpunk?

TAFF: Already got them...most Varukers fans buy them 'cos we put them to sleep...

PUNK GLOBE: How was British Invasion 2k6? Any comments?


PUNK GLOBE: Thanks for your time Taff. Any last words to our readers?

TAFF: Thanks for the interview...stay in school and drugs are for losers....

 Punk Globe would like to thank Jonesy and Taff for the great interview!



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